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BitClave is a decentralized system that connects consumers directly to businesses

Today there are many platforms present in the middle of our lives that offer a variety of interesting and useful features. This is due to the rapid development of Blockchain technology.Indeed this technology is very interesting and sophisticated, and not in deny this technology is the future for us. Implementing Decentralized Projects that are embraced by the intelligent contracting system is amazing that many projects are now using the system gave birth to an ideal new crypto.

Information and communication technology is currently very rapid development including the Internet. With the Internet all things can be done whether it is searching for data, storing data in the server, or sending data to the world without any obstacles at all. Currently a variety of applications that can be accessed with the internet Whether it's social media, applications for companies, businesses, and others. And even in the next few years is expected to increase global population growth, massive digital lifestyle adoption, and ever-growing recording and storing capabilities drive huge data volumes and internet traffic, estimated to exceed 61,000 Gbps by 2020. And even more interesting about AL (Artificial intelligence).New technology in artificial intelligence takes us to an area that few might dream of. AI will inform, not only do, in many industries and users will start to have conversations with hyperpersonalized scale using AI agents. The AI ​​market is forecast to grow from $ 8 billion in 2016 to more than $ 47 billion by 2020. Blockchain and token technologies provide breakthroughs in network design and decentralized systems, serving and strengthening the growth of democratization of knowledge, and access to digital resources of the world.

 Today various platforms have been created that cover various aspects of life in order to facilitate us in living everyday life. This happens because the development of Blockchain Technology is growing rapidly and worldwide and is widely used in projects in the world. Those who use Blockchain technology implement smart contracting systems to simplify and cultivate new innovations for their projects.
Blockchain-based projects usually hold Crowdfunding to develop their projects. And there have been many successful projects from the ICO program. Talking about the current ICO has come a new Blockchain-based project that creates a platform that will be the solution to the most important industry issues, and consequently a lack of trust. Now there has been a recent change from the project to overcome all problem The name of this project is BitCleave,

Of course before you invest in an ICO event you should know the project completely and what benefits will be given in giving and how strategy and Timnya.Mengenai it will be paparka about aeron complete and detailed. And hopefully BitCleve Could be one alternative of your choice in investing.

Ok let's take a closer look at the Bitcleve project..

What is BitClave

BitClave is called BASE, or BitClave Active Search Ecosystem. This is a decentralized system that connects consumers directly to business, eliminating the need for intermediaries like Google AdWords. That means consumers and advertisers receive the true value of any relevant search conversions in the BASE ecosystem.

The BASE ecosystem is designed to come with the benefits of the usual blockchain technology - such as smaller transaction costs, faster speeds, and secure user data storage. More importantly, from a user perspective, it is possible to search for things that are commonly searched online , but get paid to do it. Obviously, BitClave has some ambitious goals.

The BASE ecosystem credits every search query relevant to a specific amount of a special currency called a Consumer Activity Token (CAT). This token is sent from advertiser to user. The more relevant demographic data of the user is the demographic the advertiser wants, the more likely users will be paid in the form of CAT.

The end result is that customers get rewards for finding relevant products. However, BitClave's BASE also allows advertisers to avoid wasting money on ads that reach irrelevant audiences.

BitClave Background

BitClave - The platform was founded in 2016. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California. On Sunday, July 25, the company has scheduled an early stage for pre-sale tokens. The results obtained when the pre-sale is $ 16 532 341. With a record of this size, BitClave will easily run its plan.

BitClave is trying to solve a big problem in the online advertising industry: the industry is dominated by several major players (like Facebook and Google). This ad giant is generating huge ad revenue cuts. BitClave aims to disrupt the $ 550 billion advertising industry with blockchain-based solutions.

Purpose of BitClave

BitClave aims to introduce all of the following benefits to the world of online advertising: Reduce the cost of online interaction between users and advertisers by eliminating intermediaries. BitClave will use the cryptography ledger and activity to make smart contracts.

Users can use the BASE application to benefit from any search results where the desired demographic is the same as that user's demographic profile; if an advertiser wants to advertise their content to a 25-year-old person, and that user is a 25-year-old man, then the user is paid in return for viewing the ad. The user's personal data is stored securely in a block that can not be hacked

The overall goal is to soften an increasingly competitive e-commerce landscape dominated by giants like Amazon and Alibaba.

BitClave uses Token, known as CAT, which is used as compensation for all services.
Initial Sales will be made on July 25, 2017 and will expire on August 1st. ICO will start on 8 November 2017 - December 8, 2017.

Benefits of the BitClave Platform

  •  For Users
 For users, BASE is a paid search application. An example on the BitClave site discusses how "Ben" is looking for a new car. He searched for the car, but found many links and irrelevant ads in the conventional search engine.
By using BASE, he finds personalized deals from car dealers, each competing against each other to offer the best deal. For each offer, dealers are ready to pay Ben from $ 5 to $ 50. So just by finding a new car, Ben can earn up to $ 250 - even if he does not buy a car.

 The business pays Ben directly. No middlemen - like Google AdWords - are involved in the process.

  •  For business
Why does a business benefit from paying large sums of money to consumers just to search? Businesses can benefit from BASE by creating smart contracts. Smart contracts are executed when members of the target audience search the relevant information. The origin of the user is guaranteed by the ledger.

As a practical example, BitClave goes back to the car dealer example. Automated dealers can create promotions targeted at consumers who have 2-year-old cars, for example. They can refine their search even further by choosing consumers who prefer German cars, have revenues higher than $ 100,000, and live within 100 miles of dealerships. In other words, the dealer can find their perfect customer and give the customer their best offer.

  •  For Experts
BitClave offers benefits for one more group of people. BitClave called experts for these people. They are advertising specialists who can help businesses achieve better advertising results online.
For a small fee, these experts can create smart contracts for businesses and build personalized experience solutions across multiple verticals.

Info Token

  1. Target on crowdsale:     $50,000,000
  2. Total token supply:     2,000,000,000
  3. Available for sale:     1,000,000,000
  4. Purchase methods accepted:     BTC, ETH, LTC and QTUM

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