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ZENTO connects blockcahin technology for ease of business

    If you are a businessman or entrepreneur then you definitely want a better change for the future to
get more profits to ensure more economic secured economy and to be able to connect well between your fellow business partners to create security and convenience for you need a new change by putting it all together with new technology as well.

in this sophisticated era now all the big companies are very much promoting their products using blockchain technology.
How about you ..??
do you like change? now there are new innovations from ternlogi blockchain that can connect and business world more easily in the field of digital world faster and easier transactions for everyone this project named "ZENTO" now ZENTO has become very important for everyone in the intersection of ZENTO, is a tool for connecting anything with blockcahin technology.

OK .. as described above you may have an idea of ​​ZENTO project but I will explain more deeply

What is ZENTO

Maybe ZENTO is a very interesting project among all the projects I've found because
Zonto is a new Blockchain-based change that wants to combine the complexities of software products, solutions, services and technologies in one platform. Of course this is very interesting to discuss. The ZONTO system has several functional modules in it, which collaborate with each other. Such technological solutions complement the newly emerging complex qualities. The ZONTO developer's goal is to create a scalable, exible, continuous evolution and self-learning using blockchain technology.

and now ZENTO zonto project is being developed by a team of international specialists from various countries, this team consists of IT developers, marketing experts, financial professionals, psychologists, and lawyers. They have made exclusive decisions only after coordinating ideas with entrepreneurs who have long-term experience in successful online and offline businesses, thus making the tools of their technology work effectively and easily and easily understood.

How to Work Zonto

ZONTO as well as the network media sirkil Facebook Twittr and others that will unite hundreds of thousands of people around the world. And each user will find it in it something useful for themselves.
the difference is that ZENTO is so much more on the business network. ZENTO Social networking is the foundation and foundation of the entire ZONTO system. Simple and open to users around the world. Additional functions are called modules integrated in it, which we will discuss further in this presentation.

 Benefits of ZENTO

  1.     Zonto will gather everyone in 1 community yaiut businessman
  2.     The zonto app will be combined with a token that works in the app as payment or payment for  advertising
  3.     Equipped with in-app messenger for C2C, B2C, B2B communications
  4.     It has been integrated with electronic wallet that allows you to pay and transfer money. Money transfer into zonto application was not charged alias free.
And there are many other advantages that you will get by using the application zonto.


Zento possesses a cool look there are some nice spaces and complete features for you to join in it may zento one of the solutions for you in business problem.

ZENTO Token Sale

ZENTO is a very big project and maybe a few more days will reach its limit and this is an excellent opportunity for you to join in this project to gain profit, Zonto provides captives to investors to participate in advancing this remarkable project. Zonto will hold the Crowdsale held with two stages of Pre-sale stage and ICO stage. The Pre-sale phase has ended and has earned $ 247,000 USD.

ICO Zonto will be held on 12 September - 12 October 2017. The token price of Zonto is 1 ZONTO = 5 $ USD. The purchase of a ZONTO token can be done with Ethereum, bitcoin. Currently the ICO process is in progress and has earned $ 1,588,966 USD.

1 ZENTO     = 5 $ USD
Total tokens = 2 000 000

Bounty Distribution

  1. Facebook 20%
  2. Twitter 20%
  3. Subscription on bitcointalk 20%
  4. Blogs or mass media 25%
  5. Translation and moderation 15%

  ZONTO Team


  •     Alex Erdel - Co-founder
  •     Andre Ertel - Co-founder
  •     Konstantin Kosiakov - Co-founder
  •     Valery Ivanov - CIO
  •     Aleksey Podlegaev - DevOps Engineer
  •     Alina Vinogradova - Front-end developer
  •     Andrey Obihod - Full Stack Developer
  •     Ilya Andrienko - Android Developer
  •     Vladyslav Siedov - iOS Developer
  •     Stanislav Stepichev - UI/UX Designer
  •     Roman Zherebko - Back-end Developer
  •     Nikita Rudskoy - CMO
  •     Dmitry Kolomiets - Marketer
  •     Angelika Volska - Marketer, PR-manager
  •     Elena Ilina - UI/UX Designer
  •     Petr Gorchanuk - Back-end Developer
  •     Dmitry Dzubenko - Back-end Developer
  •     Vitaliy Belushenko - UI/UX Designer
  •     Konstantin Kostenko - Front-end developer
  •     Ilya Nikiforov - Lawyer

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