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WORDCOIN- financial products with the world's first blockchain technology

    Maybe you are one of a blog enthusiast who wants to get something more from blog websit with various ease and some advanced progress is very different from other ads now Users on smartphones will participate in advertising through smart contracts offered directly by Perhaps many people love to read news articles, short stories,newspaper or television for information. Currently we still know in this advanced era all just easy to use your smart phone there. Lots of news you want is enough in one cool app with lots of interesting features.

If you are a true writer you probably already know very quickly nowadays
for money is harder for you just by writing and posting useful ads to meet the needs of your life. as we know many great drill products over the internet Advertise for the progress of his prusaan so people know and are interested in joining. In advertising is very useful for both parties writers to get money and companies also get new people.

You certainly want your site to be full of people and quickly discover when looking for related topics
with our articles on ggogle. You need to know about SEO and QMS. Google defines (Search Engine Optimization)SEO as follows: "Increase visitors of a website from search engines" - Online marketing vocabulary, Learn with Google. Looks like a very simple definition is not! But let's explain more about this. Basically, it is a process of improving the visibility of your site to your online audience through search engines. Seo is one way to optimize the ability of your website to appear on the first or second page of the search engine results.

SEO involves a lot of things and we can get information about how to use Seo on paid sites or in books, but if you stick to the basic rules writing quality content and link building, then you are taking the right steps to increase your website visitors in organic search results or you can also use
professional SEO services Mindreach Consulting to increase the number of visitors to your website. As for the SMM. WHAT IS SMM...? SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. Talking about SMM makakita talk about paid ads through social media networks. If you are familiar with Facebook advertising, then it is an SMM. This is the process of using paid advertising to expand your customer reach and increase your brand exposure.

Making ads cooler is easier and the pay is quite promising for authors
Now there is a new change in blockcahin ternologi with various advantages has come a new project to give you a solution about your problem over World.Expert is the world's first blockchain-funded financial product of this project by utilizing the current smartphone technology. The name of this project is WORD.EXPERT As for the existence of a new project to provide you with solutions about advertising your products by utilizing smartphone technology today. The name of this project is WORD.EXPERT

Maybe now you have an overview of this project or you are still wondering about this World.Expert project what exactly is World.Expert and how World.Expert works will I explain in more detail and hopefully World.Expert be the right choice for you..

What is World.Expert

World.Expert or the usual in short WE is the first blockchain-funded financial product in the world. WORD.EXPERT (WE) is a multi-functional platform that allows users to transact in WORDCOIN,
a crypto supported by the services provided. Here, the user can obtain an interconnected and completed service, which is quite unified in the platform frame. The WE platform serves as a meeting point for collaborators to join in order to roll out easy or complicated strategies, while winning from the convenience and convenience of intuitive interfaces and requires no agent. The site will have two main user groups: Customers, ordering and paying orders, and Contractors, providing services for copywriting, translation and / or proofreading, SEO text optimization, sales of high quality backlinks, and website admins. , where buyers can rent web pages and control their content.

WE opens unlimited opportunities to influence top search results on almost all search engines (Google, BING, Badoo, Yahoo, Yandex and others) for relevant keywords. These companies are equipped to effectively manage their online reputation.

Excess World.Expert

  • 1. Quality
Clients can choose the best authors according to the scoring system based on the pricing quality principle
  • 2. Benefits
The exchange works based on the trade market, you do not have to pay more
  • 3. Convenience
Our exchange provides an easy-to-use interface, calculations in unitary currency, and a variety of additional tools
  • 4. support
Multilingual support service
  • 5. Coverage
Our platform helps find writers for your order, anywhere in the world, for a minimal fee
  • 6. Security
All transactions in the system are based on blockchain

Growth Strategy

1. Supplied with services
After project launch the investors can pay for services with tokens (translation, copywriting, posting on the controlled resources) on the WORDCOIN Platform or sell it to another system users

2.Exchange to ETH
After platform launch all authors can exchange earned tokens into ETH

3. Fast growth
PR budget and a large variety of services will attract clients and authors to the platform, in 6-9 months we plan to enter the stock market (we already have preliminary agreements with a few stock exchanges)

4. Entering the stock market
After entering the stock market, the token rate will grow, because of being in great demand by a large amount of users and the provided unique platform services

Bounty Distribution

  1. Facebook: 15%
  2. Twitter: 15%
  3. Translation campaign: 15%
  4. Signature campaign: 35%
  5. Blogs, Articles & Videos: 15%
  6. Chinese messengers campaign: 5%

Info Token

  • Rate: 1 WORD = 0.00345 ETH
  • Total: 5 000 000 WORD
  • Buy WORD with: BTC Eth Dash LTC
  • WORDCOIN- PRE-ICO: 2,000,000
  • WORDCOIN- ico: 5.100.000
  1.         - Withdraw the author to the 500.000 WORDCOIN platform
  2.         - Interesting partner sites 500 000 WORDCOIN
  3.         - Added a new demaned service to the 900 000 WORDCOIN system
  4.         - Shares organizer 500.000 WORDCOIN
  5.         - 500,000 tokens will be used for reward campaigns
Participants who will participate in the WE project prize campaign prior to October 4, 2017, will receive a 20% bonus on the bet during the PRE-ICO phase.
If ICO will raise 80% of the hard cap, then the bounty pool will increase from 500,000 (5%) Wordcoins to 1,000,000 (10%) of Wordcoin.

                                   JOIN NOW WORD COIN

Team World.Expert

  •     Pavel Burtsev - Founder and CEO
  •     Dariya Niyazova - PR manager
  •     Dimitry Kotov - Co Founder
  •     Vlad Belousov - Web Designer
  •     Andrey Ustinov - Programmer
  •     Andrew Golyanov - Multi-Language Translations Provider
  •     Sergey Vorobin - Hardware architector

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