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The first Crypto eBook Store in the World


  Perhaps many people love to read news articles, short stories, a newspaper or watch television to find out information many people need information in a variety of ways, especially by reading the news brosing on the internet or by purchasing an EBOOK learning guide they need to gain more knowledge
but we know in this advanced era all that is very easy just by using your smart phone there's a lot of news you want just enough in one cool app with lots of interesting features.

bookstores are one of your goals to learn and if you are a true book lover you probably already know very fast nowadays to earn money is not hard for you just by writing and posting useful ads
to meet the needs of your life. as we know many great preusaan promote their products through the internet advertising for his / her progress so that people know and are interested in joining.in advertising is very useful for both parties writers to get money and the company also gets new people.

therefore for the progress in our work can not be separated from the guidebook or EBOOK good to create an interesting experience in the work Now EBOOK's guide book is not just about educational or business issues but besides EBOOK guidebook now there is a lot of information about crypto which you can read more clearly from the beginning of the development of the crypto world until now.

there is an interesting program from a large company of EBOOK manuals that are now present for you to explain with a singular and easy to understand for everyone beginners This EBOOK may be slightly different from others because it uses advanced blockcahin technology to prevent piracy from an EBOOK this project is called Ethbook. ethbook prusaan very happy to introduce to everyone about this great ethbook project.

well maybe you already have a picture or a little knowledge about this project or could be you are still confused and curious about this Ethbook what exactly Ethbook and what are the benefits.
let's take a closer look at this Ethbook project.

What is Ethbook

EthBooks is an e-book store that focuses on cryptococcal topics. Publishers can upload their work for free in the appropriate store section. Buyers on the other hand can search, review and purchase ebook related to their interest subject.The EthBooks store will be a one stop shop for people searching for sufficient, detailed and quality information on various cryptoes. The platform uses blockchain and personal token (EBK) technology based on the smart Ethereum eco-contract system for EthBooks transactions. The store is web-based and application-based. This app will soon be available for free on the Play Store, Apple Store and Windows Store. EthSquad will also be merged, a system built by the EthBooks team to help protect crypto books published without piracy. We also plan to introduce our own EthReader which will provide the best reading experience

EBook's price on EthBooks is decided by the publisher.
The publisher is entitled to 85% royalties for each successful sale. EthBooks will generate 15% for every eBook sale. This will help in the expansion of Ethnic, marketing and staff budgets. According to Statista data on ebooks, ebooks sold 1.35billion sold back between 2010 to 2016 in the US alone, with a copy of 221 million sold in 2016.

We are targeting a sizeable market share in every country. With the growing interest in cryptococcus,
the sale of e-books in EthBooks is bound to explode as more people are looking for quality information under one roof.

In recent months, the world of crypto influenza has become very interesting. Interest in crypto-cryptococcus has reached an all-time high point when people around the world become aware of the crypto world. The main exchange has reported exponential growth as thousands of people flock to their platforms. When it comes to the future of money, there is a growing consensus that crypto-escalation is set to play a major role.

The demand for quality information about cardiac crypto has increased in recent months. Thirst for this kind of information can be attributed with the fact that people can never put their money directly into technology that has a lot of potential but is still growing. For example, tech enthusiasts in the 1990s may have foreseen the emergence of the Internet, but have no way to directly take stock in technology. The idea of ​​cryptographic implementation of data storage and transmission is still very new. And the fact that anyone can immediately buy the currency.

One thing that is clear from our deep market analysis is that many newcomers to the crypto world lack the knowledge of how or where to start. As society's technology literacy improves, crypto acceptance as the legitimate warehouse follows. Title along the lines of: 'Bitcoin Soars Market Capitalization' and 'Secret of Crypto Millionaires' began to weaken public news feeds.

Ethbook overview

The application display available in Ethbook is specially designed with a variety of apps and an appealing look for all of the best people to make it more accessible in the world

EBK Distribution

  1.  Bitcointalk Signature Campaign (900,000 EBK)
  2.  Facebook Follow & Reposts (100,000 EBK)
  3.  Newsletter Subscriptions (200,000 EBK)
  4.  Twitter Follow & Reposts (100,000 EBK)
  5.  ANN Thread Translation & Moderation (300,000 EBK)
  6.  Articles & Blog Campaigns (400,000 EBK)
  7.  Telegram Campaign (100,000 EBK)

Sales of Token EBK

EBK token sales are scheduled to begin on September 18 and end on October 20 or when a 42,500 ETH close lid is reached.

The currency of the crowds will become Ethereum. During crowdsale, you will receive 2000 EBK for every 1 ETH you rely on. Our softcap is 1500 ETH. If softcap is not achieved, all funds will be returned to investors.

Maximum 100,000,000 EBK tokens

  • 85.000.000 token EBK will be sold during crowdsale.
  • 10,000,000 of them will be saved as backup.
  • 5.000.000 EBK will be set aside for bounty, advisor and support program.

Any remaining / unsold tokens will be burned once ICO is complete.
The EBK Token will be delivered to you in less than 48 hours after investing.
We expect EBK to be listed on several high-volume exchanges shortly after the end of the ICO.

                                             Join ICO Ethbook 

Discounts for early investors:

  • Day bonus # 1: 20% (2400 EBK / ETH)
  • Day # 2-7: 10% Bonus (2200 EBK / ETH)
  • Day # 8-14: Bonus 5% (2100 EBK / ETH)
  • Day # 15-31: no bonus (2000 EBK / ETH)

Ethbook Team

They are people who are very meritorious in this project and they also have experience in the field of business and marketing.
  • Sebastian Lucas- CEO & Founder
  • Giovanni O’Brien- CFO
  • Garvin Stuart- Chief Advisor
  • Matthew Conrad- Lead Developer
  • Yoshi Kanako-CMO
  • Leanne Santos-Chief Legal Advisor
  • Jiang Maoling- Blockchain Developer

More Info

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