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The AR / VR ecosystem is decentralized for the world's first 3D content exchange

at the present time many ICO programs are present in the middle of our lives that provides a variety of interesting and useful features. It is experiencing the development factor of the use of Blockchain technology is growing rapidly. Indeed this technology is very interesting and sophisticated, and not in deny this technology is the future for us. Implement a decentralized Project that is swathed by the system it builds an ideal new crypto. Speaking of crypto, as we know now no one has seen the new Crypto that comes up with the idea to get other crypto access not just on a PC or lapop but in the simplest thing that is your smartpphone. So you can access crypto share various programs that are promoted in the field of business and ekonomy now there is a new change in the field multi media provides satisfaction to enjoy an activity with 3D features. who were given ARToken

But are you like a crypto like ARToken that will revolutionize crypto system becomes easier and more practical. let's be clear about this ARToken

vision of ARToken

We believe the AR / VR revolution will be generated by creators. What we like to make is the first platform that utilizes blockchain infrastructure to create, rent, and sell 3D content. This way is guaranteed
which is decentralized and not trusted in the AR / VR ecosystem.

experience AR / VR

The utility token - ARToken (AR) - will be published as a digital payment vehicle that facilitates AR / VR / 3D content content among ecosystem participants from around the world.

Ecosystem Schemes

AR / VR and 3D extensions. The ecosystem consists of supporting elements - markets, blocking and storage infrastructure. Decentralized storage infrastructure
provided by the service provider. The sandbox area is used as an AR / VR / 3D content test environment in practice. AR / VR developers and active community contributors will be supported through ARToken yangakry funds.

ARToken Sale Details

  • ARToken:
Utility token (Howey test score = 20)
  • Total hard cap:
$50M, Phase 1 hard cap is $30M
  • Phase 1 AR/USD basic token price:
125 AR per $1
Phase 2 AR/USD basic token price:
will be announced 2 months prior to the start of phase 2 token sale. It will be based on the token market value, and is expected to be 20 to 40% higher than phase 1 price (i.e. 75-100 AR per $1).
  • Total ARs available for crowdsale:
The amount of tokens to be sold is capped by 7,000,000,000 AR.
  • The actual amount of ARs:
known after the end of
the crowdsale (unsold tokens will be burned)
  • Listing
ARToken will be listed on the crypto exchanges right after the end of Phase 1 of token sale. We are going to be listed on HitBTC. Another exchange will be announced later.
ARToken accepted for Cappasity services
December 2017 (right after phase 1 token sale is finished)
  • Token contract address:
to be announced
  • Phase 1 launch date and time:
1PM UTC, October 25, 2017
  • Phase 1 end date:
28 days after launch or when the Phase 1 hard cap is reached
  • Phase 2 launch date:
120 days after the closing of Phase 1.
  • Currencies that we accept:
  • Minimum Buying Transaction:
We do not accept contributions under $30. Those contributions won't be treated as buying transactions and will be ignored
  • The bonus model:
Phase 1 bonuses will depend on the tier the contribution is made, and on the amount contributed. The tier system is based on our Whitelist Application process and is defined as:
- First $10M (TIER 1) - 10% Bonus
- Second $10M (TIER 2) – 5% Bonus
- Third $10M (TIER 3) – 0% Bonus
Contribution size bonus: $100K-$300K - 5%, >$300K - 10%
These bonuses are independent and can be summed up.
Phase 2 will have two tiers and bonus model will be as follows:
- First $10M (TIER 1) - 10% Bonus
- Second $10M (TIER 2) – 0% Bonus

Token Distribution Dan Allocation

To support active content creators and developers of AR/VR/3D software, we will establish The Reward Fund and The AR/VR Innovation Fund. Upon the completion of the token sale, we will allocate 10% of the raised funds to content creator rewards and 20% to support AR/VR innovations.

The AR/VR Innovation Fund rewards the developers of the most promising apps. However, this is not a contest but a year-round challenge. The number of awards is dependent on the available funds.

The Reward Fund is assigned for active content creators. The most active content creators and contributors will be systematically rewarded. Moderators and active community members will be stimulated as presented on this pie chart as well.

For Bounty campaign

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