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Snovio is the first generation service project in the world

   In recent months, the world of crypto influenza has become very interesting. Interest in crypto-cryptococcus has reached an all-time high point when people around the world become aware of the crypto world. The main exchange has reported exponential growth as thousands of people flock to their platforms. When it comes to the future of money, there is a growing consensus that crypto-escalation is set to play a major role and for investment.

Seirng with the progress of the technology world we can not be separated from all things new changes where everyone using blockcahin technology to promote their products to be recognized by the public
and for the development of service products that are offered by a company that is by using ICO
we can invest and develop the business in the run but there is a new change in the use service using Snovio's easier and faster system of a new change using blockchain technology which may help you to provide the right solution.

you may be impatient what exactly Snovio is and how it works and what benefits we get if joining the snovio project, okay ... let's look deeper.

What is SNOVIO

Snovio is a service that will help you in finding and finding a lead with high quality, By using this service you will very quickly find the target you are looking for with the criteria you want will be in detail and accurate you will find if using this service.

Snovio can in depth say a decentralized service as well as they use blockcahin technology or incorporated in smart contract from the ethereum that makes them transparent in performing their duties, in addition they also use a SaaS technology for its introduction that has an effect on a more innovative approach between lead generation and its target source. By using Snovio then you do not have to worry about the quality of bad leads or bad because as I explained that Snovio is a service intended for you who is looking for leads and will get leads easily through this Snovio service. hopefully this service becomes your choice to overcome all problems you face.

How SNOVio Works

As I described above Snovio as the source and the main generation. Regarding how the snovio is technically a computer with the right tools can be a source of data. The search agent scans information from publicly accessible web pages, passing on text-based information and other information about instructions from web pages, public databases, and / or open catalogs. With thousands of search bots, we can keep updating our information in real-time. Snovio's decentralized web search can scan and send data about potential customers, their expertise, work history, and interests, thus creating a database with using information from open sources and accessible to the public. After that Snovio will find the connection between data points by cutting it and continuing to add its database.

Snovio's overview

Service features Snovio

Collect data from thousands of contributors worldwide automatically and update the lead database, required for every business. Denan so then you will easily find leads because Snovio has gathered hundreds or even ribuah database about what you will need.

  • 2.MARKET
If you have not found someone in the database, or need a specific search and just want to outsource this work, you can place the order and the data contributor will create a list of contact data required for SNOV tokens.

 Email verification removes invalid email addresses from our client email list with 98.5% accuracy.

You will save data transfer time to other services, as this module will help you contact leads, launch email campaigns and create email series.

Token Sale

SNOVio provides an opportunity for investors to develop this remarkable project. Snovio will hold crowdsale on 19 September 2017 until 19 October 2017. Total supply of Snovio Tokens is 2,500,000,000 SNOV. The price of the SNOV token is 1 SNOV = 0.01 $. Token sales will be carried out in two stages of Pre-ICO and ICO stages. At the Pre-ICO stage, Private token presale will begin on 1 September and run until 14 September. Regarding Terms to join Pre-ICO will be announced at
The second stage of the SNOV token seller is the ICO stage to be held on October 3, 2017. at this stage it is possible to utilize the following bonuses during ICO:
15% bonus on the first day of ICO; In other words, when buying 1000 tokens on the first day, you will receive 1150 total tokens, and so on
Bonus 5% during first week.

                                        JOIN NOW SNOVIO ICO

Info Token

  1. Name Token                        = SNOV
  2. Platform                              = Ethereum
  3. Pre ICO                              = 4 Sep 2017 – 2 Oct 2017
  4. Harga Awal                         = 0.01 USD
  5. Target                                = $15 Juta
  6. Jumlah Token                     = 2.500.000.000
  7. Jumlah Token yang di jual    = 1.500.000.000

Bounty Distribution

25 000 000 of the total amount of SNOV tokens will be available for the Bounty campaigns pool. 
  1. signature campaign - 7 500 000 SNOV
  2.     Blogs, forums and media publications - 6 500 000 SNOV
  3.     Translation and moderation - 5 000 000 SNOV
  4.     Facebook bounty - 3 000 000
  5.     Twitter bounty - 3 000 000



  •     Alexis Kratko - CEO
  •     Alexander Zhadko - PM, web developer
  •     Rodion Yaremenko - CTO, web developer
  •     Lera Borsch - Marketing assistant
  •     Yuri Gatchenko - Web developer
  •     Yuri Arendar - Web developer
  •     Julia Zubok - Marketing and customer care
  •     Mila Postol - Marketing
  •     Daria Shevcenko - CMO
  •     Roman Fisenko - Web Designer
  •     Paul Shuteyev - Marketing Ninja
  •     Natalie Valerieva - Digital Marketing Expert


  •     Alexey Girin
  •     Kairat Kaliyev
  •     Alexander Borodich

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