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Platform EventChain Smart Ticketing

    Today there are many platforms present in the middle of our lives that provide a variety of interesting and useful features. This is done by the development factor of the rapidly growing use of Blockchain technology. Indeed this technology is very interesting and sophisticated, and not in deny this technology is the future for us. Implement a decentralized Project that is swathed by the system
so many projects that are born are now using it builds an ideal new crypto. Speaking of crypto, as we know now no one has seen the new Crypto that comes up with the idea to get other crypto access
not just on a PC or lapop but in the simplest thing that is your smartpphone. So you can access crypto even now an application program launched by various projects. Of course this is very unusual if this is presented. But do you know that crypto like that now,
Evanchain has been present which will revolutionize crypto system becomes easier and more practical.

OK of course you are curious about this great project let us examine more deeply about what actually this EvenChain.

What is EventChain..?

The EventChain Smart Ticketing platform was launched to create a peer-to-peer infrastructure where event tickets do not have excessive processing costs and are widely available on the platform for everyone.There are so many issues with the current event ticket industry that can be fixed by the EventChain SmartTicket platform.

Many event audiences were annihilated with monopolistic controls with common issues including unfair ticket costs, website crashes and a single point of failure, ticket fraud and ticket ticket redeployment, and unfair cuts for artists who do most of the work with little return.

With EventChain you can create online or local events from any device, and make Smart Tickets available to event participants globally.

The EventChain token benchmark network for event management presents an opportunity to improve the event ticket industry today into faster transactions,undisputed ticket vouchers and transparency of Event hosts and Smart Tickets that are fully flexible and programmable through the use of smart contracts on Ethereum Block.

EvanChain Service

  • EventChain Alpha Dapp

Bringing blockchain ticketing to the masses Use EventChain Tokens to Create Events and Buy Tickets
Three layers of Technology: Dapp, Web2, Web3 Tested by the Community. 

  • Sell Tickets

  • Create Events Anywhere
Use the EventChain Mobile App or desktop client to create events and issue tickets.

  • Set Ticket Conditions
Peg ticket price floors, ceilings, or custom variables for resale tickets.

  • Control Resale
Set price controls, promoter commissions and spot scalpers with the EventChain reputation system.

  • Buy Tickets

  • Get a Ticket Quickly and Easily
Quickly purchase tickets on the EventChain app and enjoy.

  • Transparent and Fair
Blockchain tech displays the total tickets available, how many are sold and how many unsold tickets remain.

  • Digital Collections
Build and grow your digital ticket wall and share event memories with friends/family.

Info Token

EventCoin Distribution

  • EVC tokens are allocated into sales tokens for participants as follows:

Sales of Pre-Token 11,000,000
Phase-1 Sales Token 36,000,000
Phase-2 Tokens for Sale 7.600.000
Token Sale Cap 54.600.000 (65% of EVC Token inventory)

Total persediaan Token EVC dialokasikan

1. Opration 12%
2. Design and Dev 18%
3. Staffing 10%
4. Marketing 58%


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