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Anryze Distributed Network for Natural Language

       Maybe you are an entrepreneur or clerk in the office and your students can not deny
That in the life you live is related to the onlen media. For information information whenever you should not be separated from the current advanced technology internet is missed for business and sharing place in onlen media like facebook. twittr and other social media that are very useful for sharing information.

As usual I will discuss about ico project block project ..! As we know in today's technology has become a part of everyday life. Various kinds of services such as our android phone application has become the habit of everyone.

In everyday life you may often use online services such as online food by ordering online website to simplify all your affairs As we know now there are many projects that use Blokchain technology as a place to develop project by making the project become decentralized. . And the undeniable interest in the crypto economy and decentralization is increasingly a direct proof of public disappointment over the classic commodity and networking system of professional relationships, and their efforts to pass into contract economics. There is currently no platform for the convenience of on-line and offline services to anyone and between people.

Now there are various projects promoted in an ICO maybe this time I will explain about a big project ANRYZE. which ANRYZE connects people with technology by developing a globally distributed computer for Natural Language Processing. Can help people to write communication properly

Ok ... maybe you have been curious about this project how he works and what are the benefits for people who use it let us refer more deeply about the ANRYZE project.

What is ANRYZE

ANRYZE Distributed Network is a globally distributed computer for Natural Language Processing. We help people to write their voice communications into text with 1 click. while providing simple and inexpensive solutions for speech recognition. We can clearly see that ANRYZE is very useful for all people can help in the advancement of  different blockcahin technology by utilizing the network to help communication.


Perhaps the above only explains the subject of ANRYZE but now I will explain the historical story of ANRYZE more clearly
We have started the journey with a speech recognition system about 5 years ago while working on our first business venture.
We have created the world's first hand and eye app to take advantage of Twitter. After that, we've created two more startups with voice recognition.


Very many ideas from this project are fortunately to make it better for the better. ANRYZE While working on the previous startup,
we use the existing solution and always feel dissatisfied with it. That's how we come up with an idea to create our own unique and annoying system that aims to understand natural language.


ANRYZE may be a very different project from others it is interesting for you to follow a variety of technologies that are developed After years of research and research,
we produced a unique combination of technologies used: Wavelet transforms - allowing for improved recognition by reducing data loss.

Benefits of ANRYZE

1. for the miners

Each platform participant will be able to install software and receive revenue from mining (audio decoding). Miners will be able to set the working conditions
to optimize revenue and work automatically, I immediately pay to Waves wallet.

2. for customers

Distributed computing is cheaper than private monopoly cloud services (Amazon, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean etc.) Due to lack of
administrative costs (data center buildings, personnel, infrastructure) and monopoly tariffs for the use of centralized providers. There is no centralized management and computational power distribution.
We offer ready-mix integration solutions to our customers.

3. for contributors

All token owners will receive 20% of each transaction in the system in accordance with the number of tokens owned, and also profit from the token price increase.

Decentralized Computing Network

Anryze is a decentralized worldwide fog computer for AI (speech recognition) purpose. Anryze computing power exchange is the free market. We expect Anryze to be the smartest  and cheapest decentralized computing system of the speech recognition due to self-learning intelligent agents.

Token Distribution

 Miners get 70% of tokens in  exchange for computing power,  other part goes equally to Anryze team and token holders 10% and 20% (Diagram 7.1)


 Anryze Team   = 4.2%
 For Bounty      = 1.9 %
 Token Sale      = 93.9

Token Sale

 Anryze is planning to raise between $1.6 – $6 million USD by selling tokens. This money will help to accelerate market penetration and product development. Anryze is an official service provider and crowdfunding initiator. A special token (RYZ) will be created on the Waves Platform for crowdfunding.Min. cap: 100 million RYZ (1.6 million USD) Max. cap: 321 million RYZ (6 million USD) The initial rate will be 1 USD = 50 RYZ. The expected amount of tokens to be offered is 300 million RYZ* (plus 20% discount for contributors who bought tokens in first two days of Tokensale) (an additional 6 million RYZ will be issued for the bounty program, and 15 million RYZ will be issued to the option pool for rewarding current and future employees). Total amount of tokens will be 321 000 000 RYZ tokens without discount, and 381 000 000 RYZ ( if the hardcap will be collected in first two days of Tokensale ).

The tokens will be sold at the price 50 RYZ tokens per $1. Early contributors (that bought tokens in first two days of Tokensale) receive 20% discount – they will get additional 20% of tokens to the amount they have already bought.

Info Token

  1. Name of the token                        = RYZ
  2. What represents inside               = currency for service payments
  3. Token price                                    = $0.02
  4. Token amount                               = 100-321 million
  5. Bounty                                             =  2% of tokens will be reserved for bounty
  6. Maximum cap on crowdsale     =  $6 million

Anryze is a great project which will sell the token at a predetermined time maybe now is your chance to get a good profit what are you waiting for join ANRYZE.



  • Anton Gera -Founder, serial entrepreneur, CEO at Anryze
  • Oleg Zaychuk- Dev-ops/system architect
  • Oleg Fedosenko-Machine learning and AI development
  • Max Kudymets-Project Manager
  • Alex Pogrebenniy-Back-end developer
  • Oleksii Leontiev-PhD in Applied Mathematics, University of Tokyo
  • Sergey Levashkin-PhD in Applied Mathematics, Moscow State University
  • Anton Karpenko-Back-end developer
  • Mike Ezhov-Founder, entrepreneur, CMO at Anryze


  • Kseniia Raietska-Adviser, Ambisafe Services
  • Serge Milman-Adviser, Dellwood Capital Hedge fund
  • Philippe Chevry-CTO at Nash


Oleksii Matiiasevych-White Hat Group
Engineering Project Manager at Ambisafe

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