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GoldMint- blockchain investment technology with gold


  In this life we often dream of being a successful person in everything, especially in the field of business maupin other efforts nah it may be realized if we try better.
But if possible you are an entrepreneur or businessman and now strive to become better for your ease in ensuring your future life by buying stocks for investment in order to gain profit but over time various developments. Investment is not just a stock or investment in the field of property or housing business but you can see there is an interesting item like PURE EMAS maybe everyone already know gold or maybe you are a lover of gold and collect a lot of gold by buying a variety of models that you like a lot in between people choose gold to invest this now to gain a little profit though.

Gold is now much in the interest of all people in the country and abroad to invest because gold is a metal item that can not be updated but very useful for everyone in life and in the future is in need and selau in looking for all the gold is a one of the precious metals of high value, because gold is the exchange rate other than the money used in the past before the existence of money as it is today. gold is a precious metal is much invaded the gold digest community can also be used as a gold investment that can be profitable and a little risk, because notabene gold dominant price always rises and is called as a minimal investment risk. gold for investment usually in the form of gold bars that look like a block printed in the size of several grams to kilograms.

The company has expanded its business to use Blockchain Technology in the hope that their companies can compete and become better in the future. Usually we often do not find some Blockchain based company present. The presence of ICO and Crowdfunding which attract investors worldwide to invest in project development. But not all countries legalize the purchase or use of Crypto in some countries.

We can also see crypto is very popular nowadays widely used in addition to profitable as well as many projects that kriptonya very useful for the benefit of all people and your own interests enjoy this service change. therefore you should choose the right place to invest Maybe you should try to invest in ICO to get crypto.

If you are one of those people who love to change eating now have come an interesting program with new change of PURE GOLD investment using blockchain technology create a call platform. The name of the program is GoldMint. GoldMint's name may be familiar with the gold word for you but I will explain more broadly about the GoldMint project which may be your choice to invest.

OKAY ... now maybe you want to know maybe there is already a picture of GoldMint more about the GoldMint project. What and how does it work?

What is GoldMint ... ??

As I explain above GoldMint is a Blockchain-based project that wants to combine gold business with blockchain technology using smart contracts. In more detail Decentralized platforms use special blockchain that helps gold owners to trade, borrow, invest and generally use their commodities to make a profit. The Gold Mint company emits its GOLD digital assets by itself and ensures their repurchase of the current gold price. Physical gold and ETF guarantee the ability to pay GoldMint companies. The assets are bought and sold in accordance with the volume of GOLD emitted. At the same time, the company's assets evaluated at 999 ounces of gold standard always equal or exceed the number of EMAS tokens emitted.Gold Mint buys, sells and repurchases GOLD at current market prices for physical gold. Gold Mint gold reserves equals or exceed the amount of GOLD mined.

Platform Architecture

The GoldMint platform is built on a private block, based on Graphene technology. The main advantage of Graphene that has made the choice of the company is open source, and offers the full range of instruments needed to bring our project to life out of the box. In addition, it adheres to modern security standards and has many worldwide financial wash systems that are realized on the basis of its performance.

How GoldMint Works

1.Personal blockchain

This allows us to build a robust and secure architecture with high bandwidth and the ability to use the usual Proof-of-Stake consensus.

2. Store gold storage

Safe storage that gives the ability to quickly and securely take out loans using gold or gold jewelry as collateral.

3. GoldMint application

This app creates and generates blocks in a private GoldMint block and receives commissions for processed transactions.

4. GoldMint API

This API allows any financial institution to use GOLD crypto as a means of payment. Furthermore, such APIs allow third party holders of large gold assets to identify their assets and create their own work logic.

Excess GoldMint (Gold)

There are some applications that you may have to know about Gold. Which of the following gives some apps how you can use GOLD crypto. Of course, GOLD can be used in many ways. In some cases, you want to use blockchain to protect or record your transactions, while at other times you want to connect to the GoldMint API. You will use customer relationship logic in all other situations.

  • 1. Storage savings
GOLD cryptoassets can be stored in special and secure storage bots with the option of converting gold into fiat or some cryptococcal form, such as BTC, ETH, Dash, etc. GOLD uses the current gold price at LBMA Gold Price, so its market value fluctuates.
  • 2. GOLD secured loans
You may be able to receive a cryptocurrency loan or fiat from GoldMint PTE LTD, using EMAS as collateral. All applicants need to undergo a KYC procedure.
The GoldMint team has launched a special bank card called "Bogatstvo" for leading pawnshops such as "Blago" and "Fianit".
With a few steps.

1.GoldMint loan applicants transfer their GOLD as collateral for certain GoldMint applications.

2.The loan rate is set at the time of issuance and remains intact through the loan period. Applicants must agree to the terms of the GoldMint loan prior to receiving the loan.

3.Applicants are given various options for loan repayment and for repayment.

4.If the borrower fails to pay, his GOLD cryptoassets are transferred to GoldMint.

5.Credit card limit set according to user GOLD value. This card can be used for payment in stores, restaurants and cafes. Interest earned on unpaid credit debt. If this remains unpaid, GOLD switches to GoldMint.

  • 3. Return of GOLD investment
The investor transferred his GOLD crypto into the company's trust management for X% per year for several months.
At the same time, GoldMint uses Custodian Bot to lend to parties who have Y% per year through pawn shops around the world.
Trust management interest paid in GOLD.
The amount that must be paid to the investor at the end of the period is as follows:
SUM = (1 + (X / 12) × T) × Q where the number X (eg, X%) is set by GoldMint based on market conditions.
  • 4. GOLD gold exchange
GoldMint helps you turn gold into GOLD crypto and turn this golden GOLD back into gold to facilitate border crossings. Bringing gold from one country to another can be a problem and often generate
additional costs and possible interrogations. By turning your gold into GOLD, you not only avoid this annoyance, but you retain 100% of your gold value at the end of the journey.
All applicants must go through the KYC GoldMint procedure.
  • 5.Hedging risk of cryptotrading
Commercial producers and gold workers, such as miners, jewelers, or the government, tend to use gold, futures and ETF options as a hedging tool.
Currently, a large number of investors prefer to use gold to hedge against inflation or to diversify their investments. In fact, gold has become a common investment for
all metals that have a legendary history both as a commodity and as a coin. Like other commodities, gold relies on micro and macroeconomic and political events, resulting in fluctuating value with these events.
GoldMint helps you protect this volatility risk and also gives you the option to take a short position in physical gold bullion, coins or mining stock.
  • 6. Using EMAS for ICO
GoldMint helps ICOs that use GOLD to protect their risk in a down market by providing guaranteed returns and value. 


GOLD is a crypto asset issued by GoldMint that uses the current price of
gold set on the LBMA exchange  at the time of sale.
GOLD: Its criterion
  • Equal to one ounce (31,1035 grams) of gold (999 quality)
  • Shards into 100,000 parts.
  • Commissions are given in GOLD

 Bot Custody

  Bot Custody

    Is a device connected
    To blockchain 
    For storing and assessing 
    Gold valuables

Custody Bot is an open tool to receive, rate, store and transmit. It is also appropriate to receive assessment and assessment of gold, coins or gold in automatic mode.This device is required to verify the gold assets of small banks, non-credit financial institutions and individuals. It also helps implement. With gold.
Bot Custody is connected to the public blockchain and send to the assessment.

1. The Custody Bot assesses and checks the gold values ​​offered by the user
2. Users see the results and are progressing
3.The Custody Bot sends a transaction to the Ethereum network to apply to store the items for storage.
4. Money users;
5.Bot Custodian reassess valuables and compare the results with initial warranty;
6.The user of the merchandise returned, Custody Bot sent a transaction to the Ethereal network to release its obligations.


GoldMint has sold tokens in the past few weeks and has already reached thousands of ETHs earned in the sale maybe this is a great opportunity for you to resonate in this big project why would you think too long because GoldMint might be a big hope for investors to gain profit Crowdsale done in two stages of Pre-Sale Stage and ICO Stage. The PRE-SALE stage is over, which is in June 2017. And the exciting thing that GoldMint has achieved is that in the PRE-SALE Stage it managed to raise $ 300,000 in less than 48 hours. This proves that so many people are interested in this project.
ICO will be held on 20 SEPTEMBER 2017. Target The number of MNTP (pre-launch MNT) to be sold is 700,000 MNTP. The purchase of a MNTP Token can be done with bitcoin and ethereum. 
As for the price of Token MNTP is as follows:
• 1 ETH = 49.29 MNTP
• 1 BTC = 722.01 MNTP
• 1 MNTP = $ 7.00

  Target in crowdsale: $40 million

   Total token supply: 7 000 000 MNTP
   Expenditure lines:

    30% Marketing
    35% Development
    10% Team
    5% Legal, registration
    10% Staff expansion
    10% Other

  Ethereum ERC20 token Purchase methods accepted: BTC and ETH

MNTP will then migrate to the MNT tokens (GoldMint Blockchain) required to verify transactions in GOLD The more MNT evidence users have, the more transactions they can verify. 75% of GOLD transaction commissions are allocated to miners who have verified certain transactions


 GoldMint Team


  •  Dmitry Pluschevsky - Co-Founder Dan Ceo
  • Konstantin Romanov - Co-Founder
  • Anton Akentiev - Lead Blockchain Developer
  • Constantine Pichugin - Cto
  • Evgeny Volfman - Co-Founder And Cbdo
  • Igor Ryabenkiy - Co-Founder
  • Alexander Pavlov - Product Director
  • Maxim Uperyaka - Marketing Manager
  • Peter Bel - Director
  •  Anna Palmina - Ir & Business Development
  • Kirill Zhukov - Business Development, Bank Relations


  •  Mark Grats
  • Dr. Serge Umansky
  • Vladislav Martynov
  • Julian Zegelman
  • Dmitry Evenko
  • Alexey Chuykin
  • DanielKottke
  • AlexButmanov
  • KonstantinSaprykin

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