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COBINHOOD-the world's first crypto exchange market with zero trading costs

   Maybe you are a business man. entrepreneur or a person working in the global market or working on a large company may indirectly invest in various company  by buying stocks for profit but in addition you also know about the crypto market, or have not known about the world crypto only limited to hear but have never known more deeply In the world of crypto market is very bnyak that we do not understand with detail but the picture of singat you may know shortcut foreign exchange in a website in addition there is a currency exchange based glogal blockcahin which we can find very many currency exchange market foreign and digital currency that you can use to invest and gain profit by trading.

Are you one of the many people who start to get confused to invest As we know today there are many projects that use Blokchain technology as a forum to develop projects by making the project decentralized. And the inevitable interest in the crypto economy makes many people want to invest in Crowfunding events.

We know more and more projects are using Blokchain Technology for the development of the project.
They use a smart ehereal-based smart contract system that enables them to create new crypto for their projects, sometimes some people feel so confused  about community projects that can support their business in the field of crypto currency. That can guarantee the economy to get more profit. Have you heard of COBINHOOD

Ok .. maybe you have started curious with what I described above or you already understand but want to know more about this project let's discuss in more detail again COBINHOOD this one is a project-based Blokchain with the latest innovation fruit project that connects the market digital currency exchange ... for more details..COBINHOOD


COBINHOOD is a cryptocurrency service platform for the blockchain era. The first service launched by COBINHOOD is the world’s first zero fee high-frequency cryptocurrency trading exchange
that solves existing problems of cryptocurrency exchanges. It provides spot trading and margin trading with ZERO trading fees to maximize traders’ profit and market liquidity.


Cobinhood is headed by CEO and Co-Founder Popo Chen, also known as Chen Tai Yuan. He is a 26 year old serial businessman from Taiwan.Cobinhood is a digital currency to provide the best service to every user. To achieve that goal. For spot price and margin trading up to 10x. At the same time, Cobinhood is developing ICO underwriting services. Companies - including new start-up blockchains and existing companies - can launch ICO through Cobinhood and enjoy compliance testing, security audits and other services.


  • No-Cost Service
Cobinhood claims to be the world's first crypto exchange with zero trading costs. The exchange has no spot trading fees and a margin of trading up to 10x.
  • Secure Crypto Deposits
Cobinhood stores assets in an offline vault, which requires 5 out of 8 distributed hardware security modules to be opened. Crypto assets stored in online wallets are also supported by insurance. Geo's distributed hardware security module is a high-tech service,

  •  High Performance
 Cobinhood has an exclusive order matching machine that can process millions of orders per second.

  •  ICO Underwriting
 The Cobinhood platform will provide facilities to the new crypto companies that will launch their ICO. With this facility, all users can access ICO from the new company.

  •  Receive Multiple Currency Flat
 Cobinhood will support all the flat currency. Some of the specific currencies listed include USD, EUR, JPY, KRW, CNY, HKD, CAD, GBP, AUD, and NTD. This will make it easier for users who do not have a digital currency. Users may participate in crypto trading using the applicable currency in their country.
  • Many Language Options
The choice of language is a pretty serious problem in online trading, especially crypto. Cobinhood will then provide facilities in the form of varied language options, so users can customize the language they understand.

COBINHOOD market view

in the cobinhood market will then release some very good crypto coins and may already be familiar

 Info Token

COBINHOOD is one of the projects that use Blockchain technology. Cobinhood uses a smart contract system for his project. And Cobinhood creates a new token symbolized by the name COB. COB tokens will be distributed in the following manner:

Token Distribution

  1.     ICO - 50% (COM 500M tokens)
  2.     COBINHOOD Inc. - 40% (COM 400M tokens)
  3.     Private Placement - 10% (100M COB Tokens) 

ICO Funds

  1. Product develovment 40%
  2. Opration 20%
  3. Marketing 20%
  4. Auditing and scurity compliance 10% 
  5. Legal affairs 10%



  •  Popo Chen - COBINHOOD CEO and Founder
  •  Pu-Chen Mao -  CTO
  • Brendon Hogger
  • Wei-Ning Huang
  • Tz-Iu, Jeng 

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