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Umbrella first insurance project

     Whether you are a business, an employee in a company or a civil servant. you may start thinking about future health and future if you no longer work that is old age. in other words you are already worried about the health that began to decrease when you're looking for a place to take cover for something we do not want in your live.

with increasing age, getting married, getting up family then starting to run a business hence the need to have more urg insurance.In addition, various external threats, such as an accident you start choosing the right insurance to ensure the best future for you to join. but in addition we often see on local and international media television shows or very many insurance programs that offer insurance in the neighborhood community with some services you may need in the future.

As the technology progresses in the world you will probably be interested to see better in the field of insurance although you are still young does not mean you do not need insurance nah therefore in these conditions, you need something that can reduce the feeling of worry insurance is a fundamental part of a healthy and long-term financial plan.

But the scent of some of these people might think that the insurance premium feels like a waste of money, because the benefits themselves are not immediately felt. Especially if we talk about Life Insurance, where the benefits are not directly felt by the owner, but actually felt by the heirs. One thing you need to remember, that Life Insurance was bought not to die, but make sure people go to stay prosperous. To provide convenience in insurance services, UMBRELLA is here to provide solutions and a sense of security for all of us. Umbrella Coin is the next generation insurance platform built on the Ethereal blockade. Our goal is to provide value to our policyholders with residual benefits when the incident occurs.

Ok.. you seem to have a picture of this UMBRELLA project or still wondering ... ??
what are the benefits of tujun and how umbrella work let us consider more deeply about this big project maybe this project is very useful for you,


as I explained earlier above umbrella is a life insurance project to be more precise
Umbrella Coin (UMC) is a crypto currency project that operates in the insurance industry. Which is more appropriate to cover your current health and health problems. Umbrela coin is the latest generation of insurance and based on the etheureum blockade. Umbrella Coin can be trusted very different or unique from other coin projects recently there are many projects where the coin umbrella also includes the current See and Note project because it is very useful for everyone who is in it Umbrella Coin want to try to give. Your chance for you To know the picture of the common benefits you can get when following an insurance program, Umbrella Coin has a group or community of joint teams that have been in it for two decades in the insurance industry, including in companies like The Hartford, and our development team consists of a trustworthy Microsoft engineer who undoubtedly benefits from developing this projeck.


there are several benefits that can be felt by the user spending on UMC in our network. This value is added to our float and directly invested. Some of the main features are.

1. The maximum benefit that users can receive from their policies is the 5x spent on their UMC policy period (365 days). So if you buy 2 ETH worth of UMC during the crowd, you are entitled  to 10 ETH worth of benefits for this year
2. At the end of the period, if no claim is made or the amount of initial investment is not Used, the user obtains the unused UMC again. In the previous example, if only 1 ETH is eligible for a Claim made the remaining 1 ETH worth of UMC will be refunded.
3. A user may choose to terminate their policies at any time even before the due date. However, they may do this at a 40% fine to avoid depletion of funds.

How UMBRELLA Working

As a new venture, our priority is to maintain buoy buoys, and to avoid wary depletion. We will take several steps to prevent the depletion of funds.

1. Early Withdraw Fees: As mentioned earlier, the policyholder may terminate at any time but at a 40% fine of his investment. This penalty is adjusted to protect the buoy.
2. Stamp on individual investment: Individual investors can purchase a maximum of 1% of net current at any time, therefore giving them a 5% flow of funds. In the early stages, we will close
   maximum individual contribution for 500 UMC (entitled to benefit 2500 UMC) as well. Anything else can cause some instant drain claims.
3. Beginner Cost: There will be a single-use fee of 20% policy value when opening a policy to ensure the pool retains sufficient capital.
4. Cooling Period: Holder's policy can not claim for 90 days after making their policy. This is to make sure They do not open policies in time before making uninsured visits to doctors, or  afterwards some life events have occurred.
5. Fraud Claim: If community members are found to have filed false claims, we propose cancellation of their policies and keep funds in the buoy.
6. Minimum policy: To prevent multi-hoarding of wallet sounds, we propose to create a minimum number of policies to prevent users from opening multiple policies with the sole purpose of collecting votes.

Bounty distribution

There will be 1.2% of total tokens available during this bounty. This amounts to 1.2 million tokens. Rewards will be given for the following activities:
20% Social Media (10% Facebook and 10% Twitter)
20% Translation and Moderation
30% Blog and Media
30% Signature


Information about Crowdsale

Umbrella Coin plans to sell ICO tokens at the time already specified
Start date: August 20, 2017
End date: September 20, 2017
Number of token supplies: 100,000,000 tokens
Exchange rate: 600 UMC = 1 ETH
Minimum contribution: 60 UMC = 0.1 ETH
Maximum contribution: 1.800.000 = 3000 ETH
Bonus: In the first two days participants will get a bonus of 20%
Bounty: 1,200,000 tokens (1.2% of total supply)


The crowdsale fund will be used to fund the development of the UMC platform in the future and
help us meet our roadmap goals. We are currently a distributed team and plan to defend it
This setting keeps costs low. Depending on the success of the crowdfund we see that we are able to support the development team for 3-4 years.

            if you want to join in this project


Umbrella Team

  • Terry Tata                         : President and CEO      
  • oshan Parikh                   : Lead Blockchain Developer
  • David Lackey                  : Software Architect
  • Elizabeth Sternhell       : Senior Software Engineer
  • Forrest Whitehouse      : Chief Software Engineer  
  • Christopher Fong         : Backend Software Engineer 
  • David Arnold                  : Marketing and Sales 
  • Alexander Vargas          : Head of Marketing and SalesR

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