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UAHPay-Blockchain Technology in Ukraine

      Maybe you are a businessman or an entrepreneur and are trying to be better for your ease of ensuring your future life by buying a stock for investment in order to make a profit but as the times progress various Companies have expanded their business to use Blockchain Technology hoping that their companies can compete and become better in the future. Usually we often find not a few companies based Blockchain comes  to the presence of ICO and Crowdfunding which attracted investors around the world to invest for the development of the project. But not all countries legalize the purchase or use of Crypto in some countries.we can also see and crypto is very popular to use in addition to profitable as well as many projects that kriptonya very useful to enjoy the service. therefore you should choose the right place to invest Maybe you should try to invest in ICO to get crypto. Because by following the ICO many benefits you will get. Just like DI Ukraine there is a project present to change the banking system in the country, The project uses Blockchain Technology by creating a sophisticated platform. The name of this project is UAHPay. UAHpay is a new change in blockchain technology, UAHPay plans to use cryptocurrency system in the bank for Ukraine and for the world.

 Okay.. maybe you have a little understanding about this project or you are still curious what it is UAHPay How UAHPay works and what can we get when following this big project. Let's explain more deeply.

What is UAHPay

As I explained above UAHPay is one project that uses Blockchain technology that connects Blockchain technology with the banking system in Uraina.  UAHPay was founded by a blockchain specialist with strong cryptography and development skills. Already successful in online space UAHPay founders have now set their ambitions to change the Nation and restore confidence in the banking system. Using existing blockchain technology and existing fiat platforms, we strive to provide ICCH Cryptobank trading platform for Ukraine and the World. In this great Project UAHPay tries to be the best and the first to use a regulated and licensed Cryptobank based technology from Ukraine, Uahpay will allow its users to purchase a variety of crypto investment products legally. ICO will eventually have a platform that is set and licensed to launch. Network transfers are fast and easy to do. Users can choose from more than 55 amounts of cryptococcus or the amount of payments sent quickly, easily and instantly.

The UAHPay Vision

Crytocurrency has the power to change the country. In Ukraine almost everyone has their own homes, vehicles due to financial instability caused by the Government and social reform. During this time many banks steal it's Citizens money. UAHPay seeks to implement Government-supported cryptocurrency & Banks that will restore confidence in financial institutions. Users will hold multiple currencies in a secure payment system that can not be stolen with a single attack.

Excess UAHPay

The advantages you can feel when using UAHPay credit card you can use anywhere spend and exchange multiple currencies, including BTC and ETC. Access and manage your funds worldwide, Top up your cards with bank transfer, debit or credit card, BTC or ETH. Get access to the Global Crypto Currency bank for loans and Mortgages. UAHPay will be the first Ukrainian Government regulated Exchange & Cryptobank


   Send money worldwide instantly with our secure mobile wallet.


   Buy BTC, ETH & Altcoins Immediately use the integrated API Coinpayments


   The first government in the World supports and governs CryptoBank


   Trading Platform Security Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence

How UAHPay Works


Integrated bank account with IBAN and SWIFT, Visa & Mastercard payment debit, instant foreign exchange and online payment processing. All services will support currency and fiat cryptocurrency.


Participate in Initial Coin Offerings and purchase Cryptocurrerncies with our revolutionary
online trading platform. Our goal is to provide government-sponsored trading networks that are regulated and regulated.


Trading commodities are supported by Cryptocurrencies and other investment products such as traded equities, other equity-based crypto funds such as Crypto Mortgage Bonds (CMB's) and Crypto Hedge Funds (CHF'S).

Get Cashback

You will get Cashback in UAH with each spend with UAHPAY Platinum card. Instant conversion from BTC and ETH. Our cards are accepted in over 30 million merchants.


You may be afraid and worried about theft and fraud issues that may happen but with Uahpay using Merchant processing and blockchain which is an Anti-Fraud Solution that uses our revolutionary Artificial & Biometric Intelligence Anti-fraud capabilities.

Ticket Service

Uahpay serves ticket bookings from ticketing to big games, marriage applications, airline tickets and hotel tickets. Uahpay provides service for you 24 hours. So you no longer need to worry in ordering tickets because it's night, just use Uahpay resolved.

UAHPay Application

To make it easy for UAHPay users to develop UAHPay applications for smart phones now you can think that Global Banking is at your fingertips.
IOS and Android apps have been built at home by our world-class development team with a focus on UI's ease of use and intuitive.

Our apps put you in contact with a personal concierge that is always there for your banking and everyday needs. Our integrated travel events and travel services give you an on-demand offer.

Our Pre-ICO will be open for one month starting September 22, 2017 at 12:00 AM EST. We offer an exclusive Black Card to our VIP Founders
who contribute more than 25 BTC in our Pre-ICO phase. Our VIP program includes a separate 10% revenue share pool, VIP No Fee Bank Account lifetime, concierge, Airport Lounge Access.
Participating at any level has a ton of rewards! Please see our Token packages below for more information

Funds from Prasco will be allocated in the following manner:
  1.  25% Development,
  2.  25% Marketing
  3.  25% Government Licensing & Legislation,
  4.  15% Salary, Card Issuance
  5.  10% and FX Exchange.
While on the ICO TaHAP will be held at the end of November 2017. Crowdsale event like this would be beneficial for you later.



  •  MIKHAIL SHESKTAKOV - Has been developing Cryptocurrencies and PHP platforms for over four years
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