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RELEST The first real estate auction platform

Are you a businessman..?
Perhaps you are often confused to find a truly benign investment for us in the future.
In this case maybe this you can see Business Property. Business Property becomes one of the promising and seductive business. Can we meet the property business that is commonly found in the community that is rent a house, boarding or rent a place if the house on the roadside.
Right now, the property business is a very bright business even though the profits can not be quickly obtained in a short time the advantages of the property business are promising to ensure life in the future. There are so many advantages of the property business because of the property
is an item that can not be updated but the future will be needed by everyone. Examples of goods included in the property are land, buildings and houses. maybe you've been curious about my explanation above about this great project named "RELEST" (real estate) RELEST Real estate may be familiar to you or have you heard in the school or in the environment or maybe you are currently doing business like Real estate.


RELEST is a blockchain-based platform with new innovations
Relest is a real estate auction lease. Landlords publish offers and prospective renters bid to lease real estate. In addition to the auction format, the platform also allows regular lease deals. This service is available through the Android / iOS site and app. This system allows potential tenants to calculate the travel time of the property to the required geolocation, ie office,determine the ideal price for real estate based on data analysis, view 3D space photos, access the account area to share utility bills and communicate with their owners, as well as other functions. Account area and subscription-based chat service.

The platform will offer the ability to pay for its own cryptocurrency (REST), which can be converted into fiat currency to the card and return to the area account. Operation with fiat currency can be done by using a bonded bank card, with currency exchange facilitated through integration with exchange of cryptocurrency. Platform competitive advantage is payment using REST which is free of charge and commission, unlike wire transfers

Relest this with the lease concept offered. so land / property owners can post their rented list and the tenant will bid their place to rent the property,
let alone available in the form of applications, greatly facilitate the property entrepreneurs in turning their money to invest.


  • Auction platform
  • 360 ° photo gallery
  • Travel time calculation
  • User area
  • Auto-generated contract
  • P2P payments
  • Android / Web / iOS



Relest will sell a token at a specified time presently is an excellent opportunity for you to join in this great project and make a profit
Total Supply: all tokens sold during ICO will be equal to 70% of all REST issued
One token REST = 0.001 ETH Standard etereum ERC20 At ICO you will benefit if you buy when:
  •      First 2 hours: 1.5 REST = 0.001 ETH (+ 50%)
  •      First day: 1.3 REST = 0.001 ETH (+ 30%)
  •      Day 2-7: 1.15 REST = 0.001 ETH (+ 15%)
  •      Day 8-14: 1 REST = 0.001 ETH 



  • Anuar Zhilkibagarov = CEO, Founder
  • Daulet Myrzan = Head of the developer
  • Mitchael Tarassov = Blockhain expert, lead engineer



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