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The Blackmoon Crypto platform

The Blackmoon Crypto platform

with the advent of technological advances is a lot of large companies that operate in the field of business and investment to be better by offering their products to quickly be recognized by the public more generally all countries are now there are projects that simply promise you to be able to invest and earn very profit useful to you and very supportive for economic progress in the field of investment The Blackmoon Crypto platform is the perfect solution to build your finances right now

The Blackmoon Crypto platform actually exists in 2014 they've been getting more than 100 $ million this is something that extraordinary achievement This company is led by Oleg Seydak
(investor entrepreneurs and financial technology investors) and Ilya Perekopsky (entrepreneur, IT and former angel investor
VP and COO of VK, the largest social network in Eastern Europe). The Blackmoon Lending Marketplace now operates in 9 countries Blackmoon Crypto platform has done a variety of excellent steps for the progression of this project is all-in-charge by an experienced person and mejadikan Blackmoon Crypto's parent company, responsible for IT, compliance, licensing, and bank partnerships. It also issued the main token of the Crypto Blackmoon Platform. The platform and token are based on the Ethereal blockchain.The obligation of interest in the fund provides auditability, transparency and liquidity to the investment process, which means investment funds will not be a black box for investors, with full print reporting.

Purpose Blackmoon Crypto 
  •  create a good investment in the real world as well as the crypto economy
  •  advances in the economic sector especially in the field of investment
  •  enact a crypto-based investment technology


Token Sale
Price Blackmoon Crypto Token (BMC)

  • the price of one BMC token is $ 1.00
In pre-order and during the first 48 hours of the Distribution Period
  •  From 3 to 7 days (both included) $ 1.05.
30% of the proceeds from BMC Distribution will be reserved for a guaranteed buyback of BMC tokens at 80% of the Distribution Rate
nominated in USD. The reserve will be stored in the diversified portfolio of major cryptocurrencies and will last for 24 months after the tokens distribution.

Blackmoon Team 

  •  Oleg Seydak, FOUNDER & CEO
  •  Ilya Perekopsky, CO-FOUNDER
  •  Alexander Rugaev, CHIEF CRYPTO OFFICER
  •  Sergey Vasin, INVESMENT
  •  Filepe Lema, PR & M ARKETING DIRECTOR
  •  Oscar Hartmann, ADVISORS
  •  Vasyl Latsanych, ADVISORS
  •  Sasha Ivanov, ADVISORS
  •  Niclas Tranter, ADVISORS
  •  Jhon Hyman, ADVISORS

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