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Swarm Fund is a decentralized capital marketplace

As you may know, these projects are using blockchain technology as a place to develop his project by promoting various advertisements and websites there is now a new change that is created in blochain technology that may be very useful
sieiring perkembsngan more and more a project but not bnyak that promise you may be able to try to see this project called The Swarm.Fund this project can facilitate you in the field of invertasi and the right business by using smart contacts that have been trusted ,, okay
about this project I will explain more deeply so you may be interested to join and invest right


The Swarm Fund is inspired by the idea that smart contracts can lead to greater trust, transparency, and financial access. It was originally launched as a membership network dedicated to this goal in the summer of 2014 and succeeded in reaching the $ 1Jt umbrella blockbuster campaign that became the first of its kind.After launching the "Silicon Valley" style incubator house, he also helped develop, fund and launch several projects, including Comic Bitcoin,Woodshares (special crypto basic fund), and several other projects that remain in stealth mode. In addition, the founders realized many obstacles to creation
in this space is regulatory and works mainly on organizational governance and design, including speaking at various industry events, including partnerships with Singularity University, Agentic Group, and ExO Works.After the key learning of this engagement, we began to implement the most advanced blockade governance system developed to date, which is an integrated concept of liquid democratic, futarchy, and reputational system.

What is Swarm,,?

Swarm Fund creates a unique market infrastructure model that allows you to invest crypto assets into real assets, and apply traditional capital to the real market in new ways.
With infrastructure investors Swarm can create and operate asset backed tokens and participate in a wealth creation mix.


Benefits of Swarm Fund

The Swarm Fund is a decentralized capital market that gives investors less access to institutional equity equity and hedge funds, a clear advantage for investors. They can put money in
they are to work in asset classes with high returns, without having to meet the high minimum dollar - usually $ 1 million or more - which is usually demanded by this type of fund.
But the other side of the equation, and other beneficiaries of the Swarm Fund model, is the fund manager

Swarm Fund Application

In the highest layer, above the Swarm service layer or operating directly on the Swarm core, is the Swarm application layer. This application is front-end and also some specific back-end applications to target investments to use target cases and / or segments.

Token Sale

Swarm Tokens that are distributed during token launches are known as Token Swarm, or SWARM. The SWARM token is a standard token of ERC20 (on the ethereum platform) that allows a person to use the Swarm software platform. The utility opened by the SWARM token is the ability to create subfunds, participate in the Swarm token project offer,
gain access to information that is exclusive to our network, and implement network governance functions. Member participation is the key to the Swarm platform. Over time,
more functionality will be realesed which helps generate Swarm intelligence for the benefit of the network. This follows the model pioneered by Visa, SWIFT, and other consortia where public infrastructure is managed by member organizations.

  • ICO Schedule 21 September - 22 October 2017
  • Purchase of Ethereum Token
  • Token Price 1 SWARM = $ 3
  • Total Supply Token 100,000,000 SWARM

Swarm Fund Team

  • Philipp Pieper - Partner & Co-founder
  • Timo Lehes - Partner & Co-founder
  • Joel Dietz - Partner & Co-founder
  • Jelle Herold - Lead Developer
  • Anton Livaja - Full Stack DeveloperJazzwall Sharad Jaiswal - Full Stack Developer and Project Chris Eberle - Global Marketing
  • Emilia Gheorghe - Project Manager
  • Katerina Kan - Ambassador Relations
  • Pavlo Shandro - Front-end Developer 
  • Bogdan Fiedur - Crypto Hacker
  • Houman Shadab - Professor at New York Law School, Cofounder Clause.io
  • Mark Oei - Investor, former Sequoia Heritage
  • Robert Rosenblum - Partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
  • Gustav Simonsson - Core Ethereum Dev & DAO Curator
  • Adam Apollo - Founder, Guardian Alliance & trust.exchange
  • John Edge - Connection Science Fellow at MIT
  • Noah Thorp - Founder, CEO at CoMakery
  • Matthew Tan - Founder, CEO at Etherscan
  • Christian Jacken - Co-founder Liquid Democracy, Global Bitcoin Alliance, Freedom Evangelist
  • Brad Nye - Founder, Tribalize Summit & Burning Man organizer
  • Vivek Krishnappa - Formerly Managing Director, Securities Lending, Blackrock
  • Haydar Habar - Partner at AndraCapital
  • David Kammeyer - Software Developer and Platform Manager
  • David Drake - Founder and Chairman, LDJ Capital


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