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Reality clash game with blockchain technology

     From young children to adults love the game both real and onlen too many permanent people in all countries depends on what type they like even for burial if you are a true game enthusiast there are many interesting games that you can play for entertainment can be to fill your leisure days comfortably.

In play there is also a profitable and also there is but it depends on us how we use the game game has become a tradition that prevalent in temua among the community can be installed in LEPTOP, SMART PHONE with bergabai kinds of models. This time I want to inform you there is a new type of super cool game where this game includes combat games designed sophisticated
and with a nice look too. The name of this game is Reality Clash. Reality clash is the latest innovation game which links between games with blockchain technology. Clash Reality is the first contested fighting game (FPS) available on iPhone and Android.

Excess reality clash game

There are a lot of things that distinguish this one game because it is very interesting
Reality Clash is an additional Fighter Reality combat game available on iPhone and Android and is free to play!
and provide entertainment for each player of this game provides a real atmosphere in the game as for differences in reality clash games
  1. A new revoluLonary gameplay
  2. No attachment or add-on
  3. Using the phone camera, displaying an enlarged reality picture on the phone screen
  4. Bangunan real world impact on gameplay
  5. Connect to friends in real-time using geo map technology
  6. Join a team and personal tournament or select a battle mode remotely
  7. Traffick and sell your weapons through the Clash Reality platform or the secondary market   with money
  8. Speculate about weapons and become virtual weapons agents

How does reality clash work..? 

As a true gemer must already know what will be done nmaun Things you need to do during game play is Train and grow as a Clash Reality player, face and fight Fight enemies in their local environment.
  1. A more familiar place now is your battlefield
  2. the people around you are your allies or enemies
  3. Build your own headquarters
  4.  Build defense
  5. Set the battle in real life environment
  6. 2 players or full team mode
  7.  Invite friends and prepare for combat in the real-life environment; Parks, fields, forests,   businesses
  8. Visit game points (retail stores) to collect Reality Clash coins
  9. Example go to Starbucks and get 10 free coins Equip yourself with various weapons, armor and health package Unlock new weapons, functions and achievements,
  10.  explore your Neighborhood, and conquer your own city.

War weapon equipment

This game is equipped with a variety of interesting weapons to use. Reality Clash will have everything you expect in battle.Various weapons from pistol to machine gun, sniper riffles and customizable weapons.
  • > Complete weapon selection - including limited edition
  • > Full selection of ammunition packets
  • > Health booster packs
  • > Mine
  • > Air strikes
  • > Drones
  • > Customized skin
  • > Gun and ammunition bundle
  • > Special rewards

How to earn money in reality clash games

1.Purchases in the application
Buy Reality Clash coins
RCC gold can be purchased during token sales
RCC Silver can be purchased from the iPhone & Android app store when the game is launched
2.Platform Trade
All armory & RCC Gold will be ECR-20 tockenized
Selling or trading on the Clash Reality platform or the secondary market
In Game ads and in-app marketing opportunities

RCC Token Sale

Reality Clash Provides an Opportunity to Investors to develop this incredible Game project.
High-tech games in very sophisticated design with supported blockhain.Reality Clash feature
will hold ICO which starts from 29 August to 29 September 2017. Reality clash has sales target 100.000.000 Reality Clash Gold Coins (RCC). 50,000,000 RCC tokens will be available for pre-sale August 1st until August 28th. And 50,000,000 are targeted during ico. The purchase of tokens can be done with Ethereum. More information about Reality Clash project can be found at official website at https://reality-clash.com

  Tier one 20,000,000 RCC with 50% bonus coins
  Tier two 15,000,000 RCC with 30% bonus coins
  Tier three 10,000,000 RCC with 10% bonus coins
  Tier four 5,000,000 RCC no bonus coins

 Any unallocated or unsold RCC Gold will be burned

Bounty distribution

  1. 15% of total Bounty  Translations and Moderations / Managements
  2. 30% of total Bounty for Signature
  3. 20% of the total  Bounty  Social Media
  4. 20% of the total Bounty Blog Campaign

From the very broad explanation above you may have been interested to join in this great project
During ico you will be able to buy RCC Gold tokens instead of ETHER. Participants can buy RCC Gold coins at a rate of only 1/3 of the regular RCC price. This is a discount of up to 70% of the regular price of tokens during game launch in Q3 2018.RCC silver coins will be available in iPhone and Android app stores for $ 1 / Coins. During the sale of RCC Gold coin token will be discounted to approximately $ 0.3 per coin and equipped with extra goods including exclusive weapons, early demos and founding medals. Very fantastic if you invest and buy many of their past tokens at the launch of this RCC coin in the marketplace, as the price goes up you will benefit greatly.

 Reality Clash Coin

Reality Clash Game is a Blockchain based project using smart contract system
which allows Game Reality Clash to create new crypto for its symbolically based ethereal project with the name of RCC. The RCC Token is the core of Blockchain. The total supply of the RCC token made is 100,000,000 RCC Gold coins
>> 40,500,000 Free Bonus coins
>> 8,500,000 Management, Team & Advisors
>> 1,000,000 Bounties


Reality Clash Tim

  • Morten Rongaard Co-Founder
  • Tony Pearce Co-Founder
  • Torben Majgaard Co-Founder
  • Paul Mottram Lead Developer
  • Ben Hebb Excutive producer
  • Ella Romans Head Producer
  • Sam Barkaway Project manager
  • Sonja Angelevska Community Manager
  • Jove Stojcevski Web Designer
  • Nikola Mukoski Web Developer
  • George McDonaugh Advisor

 If you want to join in this cool game you can follow it


More Info

Bitcointalk forum :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2036661.0

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