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Propy is a business property based on blockcahin technology

In the advanced times with advanced technology today many companies are promoting its products to attract investors to look attractive especially in the field of property business
maybe you and there are many people who are familiar with the word in terms of business property. Propy is including investment business in the field Rent place, in addition to the property business is very promising for the long-term economic progress that can guarantee for you.

Business property is a very famous business in and outside the country because with this business you can get enough profit
in addition to this property business is a bright future business because it is in need by everyone from time to time to come and for more detail let's take a deeper look about this Project.


 What is Propy

Proy is probably the first project in the blockchain-based property business
this is a very exciting progress for you to follow
propy is a world's first decentralized online Global Real Estate storen in this project which allows buyers, sellers, brokers, and escrow / title / notary agents to join through the use of a series of smart contracts to facilitate transactions. Propy provides a network for these actors to connect with each other and make real estate purchases online.

How propy works

Propy can provide solutions to solve the problem of cross-border property purchases. Propy is the world's first international real estate market.The team at facilitates the relationship between international entities to enable online real estate purchase online for the first time


Propy will sell token at the specified time maybe this is your chance to join in this great project and besides that you can also benefit "PRO" token sales are overwhelmingly sold

  • Total Supply: 100,000,000
  • One PRO token = $1
  • Utility token type
  • Ethereum ERC20 standard Token Sale 35%
  •  Donation 15%
  •  Network Growth 35%
  •  Company tokens 15%


Propy Team

  • Natalia Karayaneva - CEO
  • Andrey Zamovskiy - Chief Blockchain Architect
  • Alexander Voloshyn - CTO
  •  Maria Angelova - CFO
  •  John Wong - Business Development, China
  •  Denitza Tyufekchieva - Business Development, Europe
  •  John Heeter - Solidity Developer
  •  Ivan Ivanov - Mobile Developer
  •  Oleksii Konashevych - Blockchain architect and researcher
  •  Denis Davidov - UX
  •  Nedialko Vatev - Product Manager
  • Michael Arrington
  • Daniel Kottke
  •  David Cowan
  •  Vinny Lingham
  •  Mike Costache
  •  Bruce Cahan
  •  Jeremy Gardner
More Info

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ETH: 0xb442Ec3581E432E58A0EA988F3dd2AC6178D09A5
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