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Nimfamoney first loan platform in the world

      As we know today there are many projects that use Blokchain technology as a container to develop the project by making its projects become decentralized. And undeniable interest in the crypto and decentralized economies is increasingly a direct proof of the public's disappointment with the classic system of commodity relations and professional networks,
and their attempts to escape into the contract economy. There is currently no platform that lends money to everyone and between people and provide benefits, which lend money to interact for business and social networking purposes. But all the problems that can be overcome with this one project.

You may already be familiar with the word loan or someone give money for certain needs such as business or home building and others that may be utilized for important and useful needs your future life, but along with the progress now there is a new project called "Nimfamony"
NIMFAMONEY ..You may be curious how Nimfamoney works and what will we get if we want to join Nimfamoney. Everything I will explain with complete and detailed. And hopefully this is the salau of choice for your future investment.


NIMFAMONY is the world's first decentralized platform with cryptocurrency loans for token purchases on Exchange to maximize your personal profit.Here you can borrow a NIMFA token with a ZERO interest rate PERCENT use it to buy tokens from other blockchain companies coming to ICO. or directly on the exchange. You only pay access to the ICO market and cryptocurrency + 10% of your profit at closing position. this is a very good project for you to follow because I think it is very useful.

from the above phrase maybe you already have a clear picture in your mind right now with this one project or you are still wondering ... what are the benefits to you and how NIMFAMONY works.

Benefits of the NIFAMONEY Project

OK ... NIFAMONY is the lending platform for cryptocurrency in which this good project works
you do not need to sell your house, take a loan in the bank, borrow money from your friends, call your family to give you a few thousand dollars to buy a token from the company that started an ICO in just one hour. All you need is participate in NIMfamoney ICO, get NIMFA tokens, and after Our ICO You can get a loan three times greater than the sum of all NIMFA tokens you'll get on its ICO.


How it works NIMFAMONEY



Nimfamony is a Blockchain-based project using a smart contracting system that allows Nifamony to create new crypto for its ethereal-based project symbolized under the name of NIMFA. The NIMFA Token is the core of Blockchain. token that is made as much as 20.000.000 NIMFA.

NIMFA tokens will be a universal tool for cryptococcal lending in the global blockchain community. Moving from one owner to another, members of the community will exchange the right to get a NIMFA proof of loan from crypto loan which is decentralized. This means that people who have more NIMFA tokens have more possibilities to receive these loans via the Nimfamoney platform. NIMFA tokens will be allocated by:

1. 10% got project development team;
2. 20% sold on ICO
3. 5% is a gift (gift) for those who participate in the referral  program
4. 5% is a reserve fund, from which the commission is paid: gas
5. 60% is to raise funds for crypto lending in the future

Nimfamoney announced July 17, 2017 to August 29, 2017 As a time to attract potential partners and blockchain members. Community to promote ICO token NIMFA followed by payment of bounty For everyone who actually helps sell NIMFA tokens. Nimfamoney has a trilateral inducement payment system such as:

1. Nimfamoney
2. partners
3. people involved in purchasing NIMFA tokens at ICO by partners.

Nifamoney Free from Referral

To receive a free NIMFA token, we offer you to notify Everyone you think will be interested in Nimfamoney ICO:
You can get NIMFA tokens bonus when your friend purchases NIMFA tokens. Once you register at, you will receive a unique one Referral link to invite your friends to NIMFA tokens. Every visitor who goes Through your referral link and register at will Affiliated as your potential referral partner with the linked account information to you. You can invite your colleagues using your referral link even before ICO Begins Purchase of NIMFA tokens and bonus evaluation is only calculated For purchases made during ICO. If one or more of your spouses (their number is unlimited) go through your referral link, register at, and the fact is buy NIMFA tokens in ICO, each one of you (both you and your referral partner) Will receive 2.5% of NIMFA token purchase amount. Bonus amount NIMFA tokens allocated to bounty are limited to 5 000 000 (5% of the total
Number of NIMFA tokens); They will be paid for you and your partner inside 30 days after ICO.

Total Bounty Budget will be allocated along all bounties as follows:
  • Social Media campaign: 20%
  • Blog / Media Campaign: 15%
  • Translation Campaign: 15%
  • Signature Campaign: 30%
  • Slack / Telegram Campaign: 5%
  • Other bounties: 15%

Token Sale

Nimfamoney lends its project and provides an opportunity for  investors to participate in building this project. Nimfamoney will carry out Crowdsale or more clearly we call ICO on 29 August 2017 - 30 September 2017.The price of the NIMFA token is 1 ETH = 110 NIMFA. The number of tokens to be sold at the ICO stage is 20,000,000 NIMFA.

  Excess Nimfamony

>>100% confidential
NIMFA token lending procedure without personal data collection
>>No verifications and denials
100% automated cryptocurrency lending with a zero % interest rate (only 10% commission on profit)
>>Triple profit for you
Each NIMFA token bought on the ICO allows you to borrow 3 tokens
>>Decentralized and automatically replenished
Cryptocurrency loan fund is without control by one organization
>>Receive up to 260%*
Of additional income from each investment made with borrowed NIMFA tokens
>>2.5%* bonus in NIMFA tokens
From all NIMFA token purchases made on the ICO by the persons you invite for participating on ICO

As for the funds from ICO will be allocated in the following way:


Team Nimfamony

Below is the name of a cool and great NIMFAMONEY Team they are a team experienced in business and marketing.
  • Max Tarasenko - Nimfamoney Founder & CEO
  • Dan Suvorov - CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
  • Vlad Pezhemskii - Lead blockchain-developer
  • Alex Kharchevnikov - CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

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