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Mandarin - changes the new first cryptocurrency exchange with joint management


        Maybe you are a business man. entrepreneur or a person working in the global market or working on a large company may indirectly invest in various company  by buying stocks for profit but in addition you also know about the crypto market, or have not known about the world crypto only limited to hear but have never known more deeply In the world of crypto market is very bnyak that we do not understand with detail but the picture of singat you may know shortcut foreign exchange in a website in addition there is a currency exchange based glogal blockcahin which we can find very many currency exchange market foreign and digital currency that you can use to invest and gain profit by trading.

Are you one of the many people who start to get confused to invest As we know today there are many projects that use Blokchain technology as a forum to develop projects by making the project decentralized. And the inevitable interest in the crypto economy makes many people want to invest in Crowfunding events.

We know more and more projects are using Blokchain Technology for the development of the project. They use a smart ehereal-based smart contract system that enables them to create new crypto for their projects, sometimes some people feel so confused about community projects that can support their business in the field of crypto currency. That can guarantee the economy to get more profit. Have you heard of MANDARIN.

If you look and read for a moment maybe MANDARIN that you think is the language TIONGKOK, TAIWAN but this time is very different which is not that I mean but mandarin is a big project ..!

Ok .. maybe you have started curious with what I described above or you already understand but want to know more about this project let's discuss in more detail again MANDARIN this one is a project-based Blokchain with the latest innovation fruit project that connects the market digital currency exchange ... for more details..

MANDARIN is the first exchange of cryptocurrency with joint management. It is divided into 1 000 000 tokens-iris. 100% of the profits are distributed among all token holders, anyone who wants to get their own pieces. crypto money is very popular. Crypto currency has become an option for people. and hopefully MANDARIN can be one option to invest in crowdfunding event. And be the best solution for you ...

Excess Mandarin Project

1. Joint Management

Enter new currency into exchange, expansion of function, modify existing installation, including how deposit will be done by voting among token holder. Top investors who have more than 1% token have access to the admin panel and expanded statistics.

2. Ethereum based

This platform is implemented on the basics of Ethereum with smart contracts. Mandarin Token (MNT) is the ERC20 token that is the basis of platform management.

3. 24h Support

Hot channels are available for bourse members, which allows receiving quick technical support. Our callcenter will answer all user inquiries at any time.

4. Cold Wallet Protection

Security of funds in cold storage depends on technology - without the holder's approval of over 35% Mandarin tokens, funds transfer is not possible.

5. System Backup

Our priority is the security of trade data, with respect to the Mandarin team developing its own backup system. The hourly recording of all trading operations will ensure an adequate level of security. Backup storage facilities are installed in 5 locations in the world, providing data protection for country interference services.

6. Mandarin Security

The basis of our platform is user security. The trader account is protected with the last generation 2-factor authentication app. Confirm your withdrawal using fingerprint or one password. 


You are a few commissions that you can enjoy with MANDARIN service
1. In the first 3 months of the exchange, a 0% commission will be set for all trading pairs to attract the maximum number of merchants. This will allow users to try out all of our platform features without paying any fees, and choose them to choose Mandarin.

2. Starting from the 4th month of operation, the size of the trading commission will increase to 0.05%, and after 3 months the commission will be 0.1%, after the reward program input will work.

Card issuance

In our plan for the summer of 2018 to issue a personal debit card with original Chinese design.
This card allows you to easily withdraw money from your Mandarin account anywhere in the world where the ATM is located. By default, the card's primary currency is USD, however, if your account does not have funds in USD,  you can activate the automatic exchange function, in case of a deficit in USD, a conversion is made at the price at the time of the transaction from the currency available in the user's account.

MANDARIN market overview

 As for the description of the mandarin market may be very interesting and unuik of the system of work and manner the general picture is great for attention. from the exchange there will be some digital currencies that may be very familiar for you if you are a true trader ,, as for the coin is, BITCOIN, ETHERIUM, DASH, ZCASH, LITECOIN AND MONERO.

 Funds distribution

  1. 50% live in exchange reserves on cold wallets to give leverage to traders
  2. 25% for marketing and business expenses
  3. 20% for development, server payment, license, etc.
  4. 5% salary for developers and team members


Token Distribution

  1. 70% will be sold during ICO
  2. 20% will be locked in exchange funds
  3. 5% for initial investors
  4. 5% for reward campaigns
 MANDARIN will sell the token at the specified time with a total of 1,000,000 tokens to be sold
maybe this is a great opportunity to join and earn a profit.

Info Token

  • symbol = MNT
  • current price per token 1 MNT = 1.544952 $
  • Buy token = BTC and ETH
  • Available tokens = 1,000,000


Team Mandarin

Below is a team from mandarin is a very hebar team working hard for the success of this project
in addition they also have experience in the field of business and marketing.





More Info

ETH : 0x20996EBdcA49a88Cc851d5F238Db6C5fcfdBb25c
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