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Intelligent Trading Technologies

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business or a merchant
You need to know as the times and technological advancements of blockchain develop now there has been a new change for you to make it easier in business or in this market trading heresy is a new breakthrough in blockchain technology
called "Intelligent Trading Technologies" you may have been curious to know anything which is in this project and for what .. and how to work .. let's look more deeply because this is very very useful for you to progress in the field your business and in the economy.

What is Intelligent Trading Technologies ..?

a new change in your profit tome can be a benefit at this point
with the network needed for the actual market for ease in trading and signals for success in the cryptocurrency market.

AI Annual Global Financing History

From 2012, the number of transactions and the dollar contributing to the startup of Artificial Intelligence has increased. 2016 is a record year for beginners around the world. Using the CB Insights database,Private AI companies globally have earned more than $ 5 billion by 2016, and this trend is expected to continue.

 The purpose of ITT

  • ease of trading
  • get the luck
  • for market analysis

 ITT Application

ITT developed a very interesting program by developing an adroid app for convenience can be used anywhere anytime for ITT users.
ITT is Live in Private Beta (Telegram Bot)
an adroid app program Designed for EVERYONE from novice to professional trader in the cryptocurrency market, the ITT platform sends actionable and personalized alerts
to be successfully traded in this new and unstable market.

How ITT Works

The ITT platform learns from historical price and volume ranges. ITT data bots constantly scan and learn from a variety of data available on the internet. This is something that machine learning can learn - because sometimes ordinary people consider the cryptocurrency market unpredictable when in fact a clear pattern appears while reading between the lines.


Development stage
The remaining platform development schedule is spreading into 3 stages over the next 18 months. Every quarter,new features and new trading services are fully utilized using the latest technology.

ITT Team

  • Thomas Counsell, Co-Founder
  • Benjamin Lakoff, CFA, Co-Founder
  • Marcello Barbosa, Platform Developer
  • Poramin Insom, Advisor
  • Sebastian Bausch, Advisor
  • Peter H, Advisor
  • Vincent Van den Neste, Social Media Manager

More Info

  • Telegram Bot: (currently in private Beta)
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