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iBuildApp Network New advertising changes

    A blog enthusiast who wants to get something more out of blog websit with various conveniences and some sophisticated advances are very different
from other ads now Users on smartphones will participate in advertising through smart contracts offered directly by Maybe many people love to read news articles, stories short,
newspaper or television addressing for information. Currently we still know in this advanced era it's all just easy to use your smart phone there.
Lots of news you want is enough in one cool app with lots of interesting features.

if you are a true writer probably already know very fast nowadays for money is harder for you just by writing and posting useful ads to meet the needs of your life. as we know many of the big drill products through the internet advertise for the progress of his prusaan so that people know and interested to join. in advertising is very useful for both parties writers to get money and the company also gets new people.

for cooler advertising is easier and the pay is quite promising for the fans of the author now there is a new change in blockcahin ternologi by advertising for payment in the form of digital currency has come a new project to provide you with solutions about advertising your products by utilizing smartphone technology today. The name of this project is iBuildApp. as for the presence of a new project to provide you with solutions about advertising your products by utilizing smartphone technology today. The name of this project is iBuildApp.

Maybe now you have a picture of this project or you are still wondering about this iBuildApp project what exactly iBuildApp and how iBuildApp works will I explain in more detail and hopefully iBuildApp be the right choice for you.

What is that iBuildApp..?

iBuildApp Network is a blockchain-based platform and marketplace for the mobile advertising industry. iBuildApp Network introduces decentralization, the mobile market based on Ethereal Blockchain.The iBuildApp network is a decentralized mobile advertising market that is being developed by former iBuildApp employees working together over the previous 5 years in California-based mobile application development and iBuildApp developer company. This experienced entrepreneur successfully created a mobile app development platform that has attracted more than 2.5 billion customers who have created it more than 300,000 apps that are available for public download.

 iBuildApp adNetwork application

With the iBuildApp app there can see a variety of news mancories that you might be interested in

How iBuildApp works

1. iBuildApp Network builds blockchain-based platforms and markets for the mobile advertising industry.

2. iBuildApp Network introduces decentralization, the mobile market based on Ethereal Blockchain.

3. The iBuildApp network is building a decentralized mobile market that will include a mobile    advertising network, called adNetwork, which will utilize the Etaceum Block to address ad cheating issues by connecting users directly with advertisers and recording all interactions in transparent unchanged form.

4. For the advertising industry, blockchain can ensure that advertisers pay only for real views, clicks, signups and other conversion-related actions by recording all actions unchanged and transparent.

5. It can be done, for example by encrypting the impression and broadcasting it to all members of the blockchain, which can then approve it. It ensures transparency and helps identify fraud.



    #Operations 18%
    #Marketing 12%
    #Legal 5%
    #Development 65%

Distribution of funds

Because of that we decided that majority of funding that we raise will be spend on platform development. To be specific, we think our development budget will be mostly allocated to hire the best developers, performing system audit and funding bug bounty projects.

iBuildApp Token Distribution

  The maximum number of IBA 
  Tokens available
  for purchase will be 15,000,000.

  Total Supply: 100,000,000
  1 IBA = 0.00344828 ETH
  #Community grants 10%
  #Team 10%
  #Long term budget 30%
  #Token Sale 50%

 IBuildApp Network Partners with iBuildApp for Bringing Mobile Ads

1. Users on smartphones will choose to advertise through smart contracts offered directly by advertisers.

2. Smart contracts will execute themselves and run directly on blockchain without involving intermediaries.

3. Thus, once the blockchain confirms that the user has viewed an ad, the contract will automatically release the IBA token to the user's account.

4. Advertisers can also assign contracts to spend funds even if mobile users choose not to see ads and use data that is seen / not seen to determine which users are eligible to target again in the future.

Token Sale

Maybe this is a very good opportunity for you to join in this project to gain profit because very many big investors who are waiting for this prikek Do not miss if you want to invest in iBuildApp, you should get the position of investing in the first hour after ico started because you will get a big bonus. Crowdsale event like this would be beneficial for you later. Why is that?
Because with you obtaining IBH you can use the token to enjoy the services of iBuildApp and it is no less important that you can also use IBH to be traded on the Crypto market. It would be very beneficial if you sell IBH when its price is several times the price of token sales when ICO.

The 2nd token contribution, token SALE, will begin on October 9, 2017 and run until November 25, 2017.
Contribution - Min. 0.00001ETH
1 IBA = 0.00344828 ETH

Road Map

The IBuildApp Team


Natalya Zakharova - Marketing Consultant
Michael Starkov - CEO
Olga Starkova - Operational director
Sergey Lobanov - Architect
Yaroslav Timantsev - Support
Alexander Bykov - Customer Service Specialist
Alexey Skutin - Evangelist
Emil Soultanov - Customer Service Specialist
Anna Bodrova - Web Developer
Alexander Plekhanov - Web Developer


Rafael Soultanov
Vlad Pigin
Christina Gagnier
Konstantin Gladych
Alexi Lane

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