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GRAVIO Smart platform to connect everything

GRAVIO Smart platform to connect everything

As we know blockchain technology has grown rapidly this can be seen by the birth of various projects that use blockchain technology to develop the project they usually use a smart contrarian system based on Ethereal which allows them to create new cypto for their project. with many projects based on blockchain then more and more new crypto emerging that crypto is very popular nowadays. How about you .. ?? if you are interested in crypto maybe one of these crypto could be one Your alternate choice of this crypto name is "GRAVIO".
Gravio is one of the blockchain-based platforms with new innovations that allow for everything
(Connecting smart thinking and business) you may want to know more about GRAVIO and what benefits will be we return from GRAVIO everything I will explain in detail with the hope of this GRAVIO could be one of your choice to invert

What is GRAVIO..?

GRAVIO is a communication platform created to facilitate business work. Gravio can create a secure and integrated secure communication space. developed with JET framework platform.The main feature of the Jet.Framework platform which is essential to run a GRAVIO-oriented Ecosystem that is core process oriented. GRAVIO Is a new communication platform (c2b, b2b, c2c). This platform is able to unify intelligent thinking and doing business that allows all participants (both virtual and real) to communicate with natural language.With Gravio will enable you to work and make money GRAVIO has also made a very advanced development by developing a program app is enough just by spinning APP from your smart phon to register onlen. communication with home or car assistant will mainly take place in p2p chat. processing the appeal to the virtual assistant (house / car) will be done dicould and if needed, service could be interactively contact -asisten‖ for the required data (if not / can not be other than dicould). In addition to p2p chat, the user can make his / her own voice call, ask questions and get answers through voice sitesis.


The main goal of the GRAVIO Ecosystem is to unite people, businesses and smart things about principles simple and easy to understand.



The features of Gravio are as follows: GRAVIO's Backbone will include hardware and software solutions  GRAVIO.HOME, GRAVIO.CAR, GRAVIO.HUB and user applications to be installed on mobile platforms (smartphones, tablets, netbooks / notebooks) and desktops.  To support the support of GRAVIO network infrastructure operations,

As for the GRAVIO wallet you can download here :

Linux (Debian/Ubuntu/Mint)

    Windows​ (7-10)



GRAVIO has already done the token sale again as soon as possible will be completed this is your chance to join in this great project ravio will be held Crowdsale to sell the amount of Gravio Coins (GIO). Total Gravio (GIO) coins to be sold are 150,000,000 GIO
The maximum target to be achieved at the time of ICO is 3000 BTC. Purchase of GIO coins can be made with Bitcoin, Ethereum and LTC. The current price of Gravio coins is:
  • 3 days first ICO (1/12: 00 - 3/12: 00 UTC time):
  • 1 BTC: 15000 GIO
  • 1 LTC: 220 GIO
  • 3 days both ICO (1/12: 00 - 3/12: 00 UTC time):
  • 1 BTC: 14000 GIO
  • 1 LTC: 210 GIO
  • 3 days third ICO (1/12: 00 - 3/12: 00 UTC time):
  • 1 BTC: 13000 GIO
  • 1 LTC: 200 GIO
  • Until the end of ICO (UTC time):
  • 1 BTC: 12000 GIO
  • 1 LTC: 190 GIO

  Gravio Team

  •     Wladzislaw Pewzner - CEO
  •     Andrew Demuskov - CTO
  •     Sergey Glushko - CCO
  •     Sergey Zhelonkin - TL/SD
  •     Alexander Eltsov - SD
  •     Elena Shadrina - SBA
  •     Dmitry Denisov - LD

More Info

Website : https://www.gravio.net/
Whitepaper : http://gravio.net/extras
ICO : https://www.gravio.net/ico
Bitcoin Talk Announcement : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2064833.0
Twitter : https://twitter.com/gravio_net
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gravio.org/
Slack : http://slack.gravio.net/
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/gravio/
Author : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=995821

By : amiraja2
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