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Get to know Bitcoin

Get to know Bitcoin
Bitcoin is the virtual currency. Bitcoin was developed by someone under the pseudonym of
Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. This currency is like Rupiah or Dollar, but is only available in the digital world. The concept may sound like eGold, though it is actually much different.
Use of bitcoin
1. Instant transfer directly.
Instant itself means Bitcoin runs without having a central server. The storage servers are decentralized and distributed-divided into the various servers run by each user connected to the network. So bitcoin is very efficient.
2. Transfer to anywhere
Unlike gold, Bitcoin can be sent anywhere in seconds, whenever and wherever you want. Remittances with Bitcoin can happen only with the capital of a smartphone and an internet connection.
3. Transfer fee is very small.
Shipping costs can be eliminated until free, but to speed up the transaction, the fee depends
on how fast the bitcoin you send to your friend or your business friend and what bitcoin price
we usually give the bitcoin will supply a fee of 0.0006satoshi - 0.001 bitcoin and no matter
how much money sent its fee will remain.
4. Transaction is irreversible, meaning once transferred can not be canceled.
Bitcoin is given to someone else's hand, the transaction can not be canceled unless the person
is willing to send the Bitcoin back;
5. Transactions of bitcoin are pseudonymous.
All transactions ever done at once Bitcoin balances possessed by someone we can see, but we do
not know who the owner of the Bitcoin address if the owner does not tell it. Any Bitcoin user
can actually choose whether or not his name will appear, but even if the user wants to keep his identity confidential, all transactions are kept public and recorded.
6. Bitcoin is not controlled by any agency or government.
Bitcoin using the Blockchain database is not controlled by a party, but is very open to the public making it impossible for someone to forge transactions in Blockchain. All transactions are recorded live, transparent, and spread over millions of servers. Those who want
to alter or falsify Bitcoin transaction data, must hack millions of servers at the same time.
7. The number is limited
Bitcoin supply will only be 21 million Bitcoin worldwide. Bitcoin's declining system of creation every four years resembles an economic
system based on deflation and with increasing supply of bitcoin, bitcoin prices tend to rise.
You can transfer bitcoin to anywhere in the world as long as it is connected to the internet. Bitcoin will be stored into Bitcoin Wallet.
This wallet must be installed on both sides, can be with PC / laptop, tablet or smartphone. After installing the wallet, you will get a Bitcoin Address.
For bitcoin transfer is very easy, open the wallet application, input Bitcoin Address of the transaction opponent and the number of bitcoins you want to transfer, then send.

Bitcoin money is stored on your computer inside the wallet. If the computer breaks down your bitcoin money is gone, so bitcoin wallet must be backed up regularly to some devices. When making transactions, tens of thousands of computers in the bitcoin network will verify
the data you input so there is no cheating.
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