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Domraider decentralizes auctions in real time

Are you a businessman? Perhaps you are often confused to find a truly benign investment for us in the future.In this case you may be able to see more promising Businesses. Many of these companies promote their products or business in a project we are now in a very different world from this more advanced and sophisticated system we must be smarter in choosing projects or businesses to invest and Can we meet the business sales or trade auctions that are commonly found in the community that is the sale of houses, apartments and others you might try to look at auction business that is now increasingly famous and growing rapidly in the environment this one business may be interesting enough for you to consider is a very bright business although the profits can not be immediately obtained in a short time but a very definite profit promising enough to ensure life in the future. There are a lot of advantages to the winning business because it is a non-renewable item but the future will be needed by everyone. Examples of goods included in the property are land, buildings and houses. there is now a project with Domraider blockchain technology a major project in the field of auction is familiar to hear often in the community at school or at your place of work Domraider This project is a project that combines auction in real time which is decentralized using Blockchain technology. Maybe you have started curious about Domraider ..Okay ... you seem to be getting curious about this new project let's take a deeper look at it, what can be utilized and how and what the project of this Domraider.

What is Domraider

You seem to have a picture of what the project is like a cursory info above the blockchain technology that developed Domraider's new project where the project combines auction business with Blokchain technology. Domraider uses a smart contract system. P2P eteher wallet is very trusted amanya and using Bitcoin and ETH Type: ERC20 holds ICO and Crowdfunding so this might convince you to invest in Domraider.

Background Domraider

Domraider is actually the buzz of new projects but has long been established in a large community Domraider Established by Tristan Colombet in 2013 and now a more sophisticated developed Domraider is easier for people to receive faster in the community By using this blockcahin technology all Domraider's teams are hoping to accelerate their marketing

Domraider Domraider is a French startup made in 2013, specializing in "drop catching."
This technique consists of ordering a newly released domain name (such as .com, net, and .fr) and selling it at auction. Domraider himself now are in hyper growth with sales of over 20,000 on their behalf. Their team consists of 30 people speak 7 languages ​​and spread across 3 countries,
immediately increased to 5. The interesting thing is that Domraider has gained prestigious clients who trust them to get the best domain name for SEO,marketing or to protect their clients.


Domraider Service

We offer our customers all kinds of options for their domain name, redirection, DNS (Domain Name System) entry management, ...To offer the best recovery rate in the market for most domain names Our extensions, we rely on 4 years of internal research and development. We have provided an innovative and unique solution thanks to a The architecture is universally designed. Thus we are able to integrate the new domain name extensions and hope of our catch algorithm more quickly.

Understanding Drop

In this case there is a 3 step catcher process that is important for you to know
we  identify  in  each  registry  any  domain   name   currently in  the RGP phase.  Then,  for  each  one  of  them, we  collect  a  series of  third-party  indicators (Google,   Ahrefs,Majestic, Webarchive, Moz, Alexa...) which we then  aggregate  in  the  form  of  meta scores to reflect the potential value of each domain name.
the  domain names which  have  been qualified  are  then  indexed  on our site.Our customers can  thus  freely  consult  them, carry out searches  and sort them. Once they have made their choice, they can preorder the domain names which interest them.
we  monitor  the  preordered  domain names  and  attempt  to catch them as soon as they arrive  in  their  drop period.  Once  the  domain  name  is secured, we immediately deliver it to the  customer  which  had  preordered it,as long as it was the only one which had  done  so. If  at least 2 customers had preordered the same domain name, it is then  put to auction  for  a  period of 7 days.

Ecosystem domraider

like you know domraider has advantages in this project .Which domraider can create a powerful ecosystem of mutual need and mutual benefit as for the domraider ecosystem can be concluded as open source blockchain open for auction decentralization in real time. It will be transparent, reliable, easy to customize and can be operated, without reducing speed. The DomRaider network is not only intended to replace auctions and offers. This is the essence of a complete new auction ecosystem which is suitable to provide innovative solutions for all auctioneers worldwide.


There are 4 very important factors in the Domreader project
1 Innovation of ground-breaking technology by blockchain experts
2 Maturity of an established company and an experienced team
3 Not the Road concept, but a solid roadmap and
4 French law firms whose accounts are audited

Token DRT Symbol

Domraider CODE: DRT a new project that enables the creation of a new crypto in the blockchain world which may later be traded in the market Crypto Total supply of DRT tokens made is DRT.

  - Symbol: DRT
  - Total amount: 1 billion
  - Type: ERC20
  - Total sales: € 35M
  - Token price: 0.10 €

Token sale

in this great project the domraider does a token sale at a predetermined time and maybe this is a great opportunity for you to join in this project and gain crowdsale will be implemented in two stages namely STAGE Pre-sale and ICO stage. Tahp pre-sale has ended and has been successful.
While the ICO Phase will be held on 12 September 2017 - 11 October 2017. The price of Token DRT is 1 DRT = € 0.1. Purchase of token Drt can be done with Bitcoin and Eth

This project is so special that many big investors are paying attention and have joined so that in just a few days it has sold many DRT tokens you need to start ICO Domraider and have sold 304,935,401 DRT. so why would you still think let's join the Domraider project ..!!


 As for the Token DRT will be allocated in the following way:
  • 35% Sold during the ICO
  • 50% For distribution to incentivize the ecosystem
  • 15% Allocated to stakeholders (advisors, the community, the team)

The company will allocate 30,000,000 DomRaider Token (DRT) for this Bounty program, distributed

  • Signature Campaign: 30% = 9,000,000 DRT
  • Article Post Campaign: 25% = 7,500,000 DRT  
  • Newsletters Subscribers: 10% = 3,000,000 DRT
  • Twitter Campaign 20% = 6,000,000 DRT
  • Facebook/Youtube Campaign 15% = 4,500,000 DRT

    Domraider Team

    Of the many fat projects I follow maybe this is one of the very handsome project teams that work hard for the success of this project. they too is a team that has experience in the field of business and marketing .

    • Tristan COLOMBET - CEO
    • Christophe DAVID - CFO
    • Vincent VERMERSCH - CTO
    • Damien HENRIQUES - CMO
    • Delphine DELAIRE - Sales Manager
    • Begonia GARRIDO - International Operations Manager
    • Alice KENNEDY - Area Manager - English Market
    • Kosuke KAWASAKI - Area Manager - Japan
    • Yufang WANG - Area Manager - China
    • Dan YU - Area Manager - China
    • Ana MONTERO - Area Manager - Spanish market
    • Simonetta CHINES - Area Manager - Italia
    • Alban BAIXAS - Back End Developer
    • Kévin BARGOIN - Full Stack Lead Dev
    • Florent BLIN - Country Business Developer
    • Romuald CLERMONT - Brand Content & Community Manager
    • Jonathan COTE - Account Manager
    • Paul DÉCOMBE - Direct Marketing Manager
    • Séverine DEMAY - Executive assistant
    • Sébastien DONNÉ - Product Owner
    • Kathleen DURAND - Account Manager
    • Julien FERNANDES - Communications and Partnerships Manager
    • Sabrina GAILLAC - Communications and Partnerships Manager
    • Lauren GAVALDA - Administrative management assistant
    • Logan LESAGE - Lead Dev React
    • Jérémy MARODON - Developer Full Stack
    • MikeNOPÈRE - Developer
    • Florian PEREIRA - Lead Dev React
    • Gianandrea POZZI - Country Business Developer
    • Etienne ROUDEIX - Back End Lead Dev
    • Armel SADON - Account Manager
    • Matthieu HUGUET - Back End Lead Dev
    • Svetlana KOVIN - Area Manager - Russia
    • Advisors     Eddy TRAVIA - Pionner investor in Blockchain
    • William MOUGAYAR - Author at The Business Blockchain
    • Fabrice CROISEAUX - CEO - InTech SA
    • Dominik ZYNIS - WINGS Cofounder
    • Laurent LELOUP - Serial blockchain entrepreneur
    • Richard G.KASTELEIN - Publisher and Founder at The Blockchain News
    • Jeremy EPSTEIN - CEO @ Never Stop Marketing
    • Vidal CHRIQUI - Blockchain Technical Expert
    • Hubert DE VAUPLANE - Partner at Kramer-Levin
    • Simon POLROT - Lawyer at Fieldfisher

    More Info

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