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Crystal Clear Services. latest technology from onlen service

     Maybe you are a businessman or an employee at the office and a mashasiswa you can not deny
that in the life that you live is related to the onlen media. for information information at any time which you must never escape the advanced technology nowadays internet is answered for business and place for mutual sharing in onlen media like facebook. twittr and other social media that are very useful for sharing information.

As usual I will discuss about an ico project blockchain project..! As we know in this day and age technology has become part of daily life. Various kinds of services such as applications in our android hp is already a habit of everyone.

In everyday life maybe you may often use such onlen service terportasi onlen food by ordering on the website onlen to facilitate all your affairs As we know today there are many projects that use Blokchain technology as a container to develop the project by making its projects become decentralized. And undeniable interest in the crypto and decentralized economies is increasingly a direct proof of the public's disappointment with the classic system of commodity relations and professional networks, and their attempts to escape into the contract economy. There is currently no platform for ease of on-line and offline services to anyone and between people
and provide benefits, which "Crystal Clear Services" can make it easy to interact for business and social networking. But all the problems that can be overcome with this one project.

You probably already have a little idea about this project .. what exactly is CrystalClear and what is the benefit of its purpose let's take a deeper look at this big project that will probably get the manffat in it and I'm sure this one project will bring new changes to the world of crypto ..

What is Crystal Clear Services

Crystal clear is a blockchain ico technology project that brings revolutionary technologies both online and offline. This system will be useful in ordering services, auction or pay for services and provide feedback in the crystal clear service. Interpret it is easy but this system has been proven to have real experience more than 12 years and already under the previous service delivery system, we know how to change this market and can drastically improve the quality and volume of services using the latest technology Blockchain Eth.

This system will be available in the form of a token crystal clear service or abbreviated CCT. Each user will be able to take advantage of this token to pay for services available in the system,
this will automatically ensure the liquidity of CCT tokens from the real economic sector. These tokens will be released in the market market after completion and every initial  buyer will get many bonuses will certainly be very profitable when sold on makret bursa.

Excess Crystal Clear Services


Each participant in the system will be able to open the auction for the services he needs, and then choose the player based on price or reviews.


The absence of a central contolling link allows the system to be regulated and completely cleared for all participants.


With the Escrow system, the risk of payments from both parties will disappear, and the court's realization of 5 random and non-objective participants will be possible to resolve even the most recent disagreements.


Each run service is recorded in an uneditable Blockchain that anyone can see


Blacklist will allow system participants to deal with unscrupulous customers and players. Information about them will be immediately shown to all participants, warning of possible fraud on their part.


The use of our platform will provide an opportunity for everyone to plunge into the wonderful new world of a decentralized system of crypto-currencies

Crystal Clear Services

Crystal Clear provides a new change in which Crystal Clear offers an exciting service with memesfaatkan With Crystal Clear Services even beginners in IT technology and modern systems can be literally within a few clicks to order services, make auctions, pay for services and provide feedback.
  •     The whole range of local services is at your fingertips
  •     The simplest and simplest ordering system is just a few clicks away
  •     Find the right masters by rating or recommendation
  •     Make an auction for the number of services required
  •     Simple and comfortable wallet with internal exchange market, sharing and withdrawal
  •     Smart notifications and reminders

All system participants will have the opportunity to use CCT tokens to pay for services available on the system, which will ensure the liquidity of CCT tokens from the real sector of the economy.
After pre-ICO and ICO main stages, tokens will be released into free circulation on crypto currency exchanges, and initial buyers will be able to take their profits by selling tokens in the market. Because serejal many users even use ethereum exchange as wallet paymentnya.Setiap tokens to be provided in the platform ethereum will not be accessible if you wear a wallet that does not support erc20. There are lots of Ethereum ERC20 wallets out there like parity, mist to myetherwallet.

 Token distribution

  1. Team and Advisor 20%
  2. For Bounty  2%
  3. Reserve found 18%
  4. Investors 60%

The Bounty Program will run until 1 October, till the end of ICO.For the Bounty Campaigns 2% of Total token first issue reserved.

Total Bounty Pool will be divided As Follows
  •     15% Translation and Moderation
  •     25% Blog, Articles and Mass Media Campaign
  •     15% Twitter Campaign
  •     15% Facebook Campaign
  •     25% Signature Campaign
  •     5% Other Bounties

Token sale

Name: Crystal Clear Token (CCT)

Standarted tokens: ERC20

Initian token issue: 10,000,000

Token price: 1 CCT = 0.01 ETH

Platform: Ethereum



  • 8 SEPT 2017 12:00 UTC
  • October 8, 2017 12:00 UTC
  • First Hour has a Bonus of MAX + 40%
  • First Day Bonus + 30%
  • First week bonus + 25%
  • Bonus Second Week + 20%
  • Third Week Bonus + 15%
  • Fourth Week Bonus + 10%


Crystal Clear Services Team


  •     Alexander Veretennikov - CEO and founder
  •     Ivan Tchirkov - CTO, Head of Development
  •     Andrei Perevozchikov - the developer and programmer of the Backend database
  •     Elena Veretennikova - CMO, marketing and finance adviser, HR director.
  •     Ilya Znachko - Front end, design
  •     Radjeep Umar - the developer of Blockchain


  •     Joshua Paul Hawley
  •     Jon Chee
  •     Benjamin Shyong

More Info

Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2046788.0

ETH: 0xb442Ec3581E432E58A0EA988F3dd2AC6178D09A5
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