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Change Bank - Application Crypto Bank

Speaking of a bank then we will think of a bank is a place to save money and receive money
but now a crypto bank called CHANGE BANK it will be very intersting if something change is a good impact for everyone who might be interested to want to know about CHANGE BANK

There is a very interesting project for you to know that as if the world is in your gnggaman only with a smart phone application "CHANK bank" made a change.
CHANK banks are now making a difference for the world because the bank's cahnk makes your life easier for convenience as if the bank world is within your grasp in just one very calling app.

Change is the latest change from the world of Banking with the relationship of banks and Blockchain Technology. Hope for Change by using.
Will provide benefits and change in.


Think of Changes like "AppStore" for specialized financial services companies that outperform your bank, while removing the need to sign up or deposit funds to these services one at a time.
Invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks or real estate, financial loans, incoming travel insurance - all from a seamless interface with complete transparency and delays.


Change marketplace integration allows various KYC information to flow within the Change financial ecosystem. This means that one digital identity will be applied across all TPSP that have integrated with us.
Estonian e-Residency program allows for F2F verification.   


Change Bank Team 

Change the bank has a very cool team they are a team that strives for the success of this project
besides this they also have experience in the field of business and marketing.

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