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The more advanced technology nowadays many companies are promoting their products. their business and services to be known to people all over the world. in this case blockcahin technology has developed a new idea in a world of transport that introduces a new blockcahin-based project that will make it easier for you travel and are not afraid of difficulties that might help or solve the problem of transportation called "CARTAXI"
By combining geolocation with blockchain technology and packaging it into a familiar Uber-like interface for today's users, CarTaxi makes life easier and easier for drivers around the world. Maybe you are curious or want to know more details about this new project.


CarTaxi is a logistics platform for evacuating and transporting cars that integrate all tow trucks in one application. Where CarTaxi is a work product that has been tested and is operating in the Russian market. This is a global based mobile solution synergistic about technology contracts geolocation and blockchain + smart. You just need to download mobile app. The project was successfully launched in more than 20 cities. For crypto investors, this is an opportunity to be a tokenholder of ongoing and running projects to increase market share. It's ready for global scale
and explosive market share growth. This service has global reach and has been successfully launched in the first cities. The CarTaxi company has collected an outstanding professional team that is expanding its business globally from offices in San Antonio (USA), Moscow (Russia) and Hong Kong (China).


CARTAXI mengemabngkan an app to facilitate their current life in a modern and all-round this onlen people now prefer a familiar mobile application format, simple, easy and functional, similar to the way they call taxis around the world: calling taxis in Almost any city in the world,
all you have to do is open the Uber app, which has become a global standard. By using CarTaxi, a driver in any city will also know that to call a tow truck - a "taxi" for your car - all you have to do is open the CarTaxi app.


Download our app on your phone (Android | iPhone) Enter info about your vehicle Choose: Card or Cash (Secured payment - once goal has been achieved) The system designates an appropriate tow truck (According to: weight, cleaning, car damage)Only in two friction orders is complete (you know ETA and charge before ordering) Just tap the "Create Message" button - the nearest crane truck will be on the road.


CarTaxi payments use a decentralized blockchain technology to process payments around the world, which guarantees the transfer of funds a safe and complete service. The cost of payment is also very small if using blockchain technology. Platform CarTaxi uses blockchain technology based on smart contract with Ethereum. Blockchain makes company operations completely transparent.


Our vision is to be the best application platform for clients to consider in terms of demand for truck towing services throughout Russia and beyond. Our mission is to ensure CarTaxi operates on an efficient mobile and mobile application platform based on blockchain technology that will operate globally, A company that will boast of the best and reliable towing truck partners throughout the Russian Federation and around the world.

Road Map


  1. Taras Semenov - СЕО
  2. Alexey Tayanchin - CIO
  3. Gala Kovaleva - CFO
  4. Ksenia Moller - CMO
  5. Vihtori Mallat - Blockchain Developer
  6. Renata Aripova - Project Manager
  7. Nicholas Amoako - Frontend Developer
  8. Vivien Andzuana - QA engineer
  9. Japheth Zoogah - International сommunity coordinator
  10. Prince Ntim - International сommunity coordinator
  11. Yingyi Wu - International сommunity coordinator
  12. Zachary Moller - Legal adviser


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