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ATLANT, Blockchain Technology Real Estate Platform

ATLANT, Blockchain Technology Real Estate Platform

Along with the progress of this era has emerged a new project that is engaged in real estate maybe you've heard about real estate in the neighborhood as well as in school and even real estate has become a very good business for people to get the greatest benefits of big companies many now offer real estate products to invest by promising many benefits As for real estate there are several areas of which are Hotel, Housing, Apatement and others because for you to know Real Estate is one of the very good income in the field of property business to develop this project ATLANT has taken a good step with an experienced person
in the real estate business you do not need to join the project

ATLANT provides two key features to address known issues in the current global real estate of Rent Ownership Selected and Selected Peer-to-Peer. The ownership used will simplify any type of operation with real estate,including the transfer of property and ownership investments, in whole or in part.
The ATLANT (ATLANT) platform is building a next-generation global real estate platform based on blockchain technology

The purpose of ATLANT

  • 1: The first blockcahin-based Real Estate company
  • 2: makes it easy to invest in property
  • 3: business progress in Real Estate 


  • 1: Extremely low cost Overhead is eliminated and users pay a much lower commission on both purchase and rental transactions processed through smart contracts.
  • 2: Ownership of rental lease assets is secured by blockchain technology, which provides decentralized data storage.
  • 3: Investments are denominated in a shareable token, allowing users to diversify their asset holdings and invest with a modest portfolio size. 

Token sale

Atlant will start the sale within the time suda in specify maybe you can
Join to take part in this project This moment is very precise
For you Here are details of token sales through pre-sales and ICO:
Token atlant sale is ongoing live
Pre - Sales
The start date of ATLANT PRA-SALE is August 1, 2017
The exchange rate for PRA-SALE: 1 ETH = 1010 ATL
Total ATL Token: 5,625,000

                          JOIN NOW ATLANT 


Info Team

  •  Julian Svirsky
  •  Neil Mohinani
  •  Denis Donin
  •  Alex Taylor
  •  Pavel Foos
  •  Eugene Seregin
  •  Sergey Kashich
  •  Erik Bitner
 Advisers Team
  • Natalia Tischendorf
  • Gregory Thain
  • Wilhelm Beller
  • Dr. Joseph Wang

More info  

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