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Bitjob Decentralized Students Marketplace

Are you a college student..??
sometimes students should also be able to work for a better future. Here we will discuss education at university. Essentially Students or students are people
who is educated so that he is ready to face the future with all the conditions he gets while learning stout among students
Sometimes, students at school have big problems faced, ranging from lack of money to tuition fees and lack of job skills as they graduate so many of them fail in education.
there is now a new project with a highly sophisticated blockchain-based technology called "BITJOB"
maybe you want to know more about this nice project let's look deeper.

What is Bitjob ...?

BitJob is a decentralized P2P market for students to find part time jobs and gain experience in work without disturbing their study time. BitJob is also present to revolutionize the way students make a living.Bitjob The first Online Student Platform to implement the most decentralized blockchain technology for businesses.This is one of the first freelancing platforms that will combine two major architectural paradigms;
centralized client server and client server is decentralized.

BitJob supported by Ethereum BitJob is a semi-developed smart-contract platform. The platform has been built on top of Ethereal,

How does Bitjob work

BitJob brings together the advantages of off-site experimental and offshore trials with Blockchain technology, to become the first Blockchain Hybrid Project to enable P2P collaboration between Entrepreneurs and Students. With the introduction of BitJob as the first semi-decentralized platform, it is expected that students will be paid quickly using the centralized payment method (fiat money) and the digital currency. Decentralization system designed by professionals is expected to ensure transparency and openness in every transaction in the bitjob market, between students, freelancers and employers.


 Token Sale

On August 2, 2017 BitJob will start doing presale and after that, Initial Coin Offering will begin after September 12, 2017. All coins are purchased during presale and ICO will be distributed in October 2017 and will also enter the market in October. All this information mentioned on the roadmap will also have 100 million STU TOKENS maximum supply to be made for the people's funds and the cost will be presented:
1ETH = 1000 STU TOKEN.

Bitjob Team

  • Dror Medalion - Co-founder & CEO
  • Bogdan Fiedur - Co-founder & CTO
  • Aviad Gindi - Co-founder & CFO
  • Elad Kofman - Co-founder & CMO
  • Edward Ruchevits - Lead Back-end ├Éeveloper
  • Micha Roon - Ethereum Developer
  • Alex Oberhauser - Blockchain Technologist
  • Lior Zysman - Law & Regulation
  • Yao-Chung Hu - Community Manager- Asia
  • Anton Livaja - Full stack Web Developer & Lingual expert
  • Max Aigner - Blockchain Developer
  • Patrick Mockridge - Recruitment Strategist
  • Cyril Alvarez Adriaansen - Web Designer
  • Yoel Lapscher - bitJob Ambassador & Industrial Engineer

More Info

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