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Anryze Distributed Network

     In this opportunity I will explain about a very interesting project in the environment and securus you must often hear about the global network or a globally distributed computer this project may be very different from the others because it can improve new advances in blockcahin technological field but for more information on this big project let's discuss in detail.

What is Anryze

Anryze Distributed Network is a project that engages in the advancement of the global network with Anryze Distributed Network you can do more about distributed computing networks for peer-to-peer. speech recognition and nerve network education will allow users to write audio files without dependence on third party providers like Google or Amazon. Re Anryze Distributed Network developed a program that operates in central control which will reduce most failure and traditional data delivery of the highest accuracy of speech transcription due to artificial neural network education through a distributed system.

  • Anryze Distributed Network
Over the last 50 years people have been trying to make computers understand human language measure them to be more responsive to our needs and needs, and to make a large number of useful features. Starting from Bell Labs and IBM exper.
  • Idea
Anryze has a very interesting idea While working on the previous startup, we use an existing solution and always feel dissatisfied with it. That's how we make an idea to create a unique system
and annoys our own that aims to understand natural language.
  • Technology
After years of research and research, we produce a combination of technologies unique used: wavelet transform - enables to improve recognition by reducing data loss
Tests description:
  1. 1 speaker, conjoint speech, general topic
  2. 1 speaker, separate speech, general topic 
  3. 1 speaker continuous speech, special words
  4. 1 speaker, separate speech, special words
  5. 2 speakers, conjoint speech, general topic 
  6. 2 speakers, separate speech, general topic
  7. 2 speakers, conjoint speech, general topic
  8. 2 speakers, separate speech, special words

  • Testing process
Each speaker have read out particular texts according to test type. Recordings were
made in record studio in order to get clean sound. After recording sound files were
converted into appropriate formats for each recognition system on tests. With the
API results were obtained.

 Token Sale

Anryze will sell token at the specified time
this is a good opportunity for you to join in this project
to earn a profit in the sale of Anryze tokens later on September 12th
Token name: RYZ
What is designated: the currency for service payments
Token Price: 0.2
Total Capital: 100-321 million (Plus 20% for those who will buy tokens within the first 48 hours of Token Sales)
Bounty: 2%
Maximum cap on crowdsale: $ 6 million
Token Usage & Distribution

Info Token

  1. Name of the token                        = RYZ
  2. What represents inside                = currency for service payments
  3. Token price                                    = $0.02
  4. Token amount                               = 100-321 million
  5. Bounty                                             =  2% of tokens will be reserved for bounty
  6. Maximum cap on crowdsale       =  $6 million

Anryze is a great project which will sell the token at a predetermined time maybe now is your chance to get a good profit what are you waiting for join ANRYZE.



  • Anton Gera -Founder, serial entrepreneur, CEO at Anryze
  • Oleg Zaychuk- Dev-ops/system architect
  • Oleg Fedosenko-Machine learning and AI development
  • Max Kudymets-Project Manager
  • Alex Pogrebenniy-Back-end developer
  • Oleksii Leontiev-PhD in Applied Mathematics, University of Tokyo
  • Sergey Levashkin-PhD in Applied Mathematics, Moscow State University
  • Anton Karpenko-Back-end developer
  • Mike Ezhov-Founder, entrepreneur, CMO at Anryze

  • Kseniia Raietska-Adviser, Ambisafe Services
  • Serge Milman-Adviser, Dellwood Capital Hedge fund
  • Philippe Chevry-CTO at Nash

Oleksii Matiiasevych-White Hat Group
Engineering Project Manager at Ambisafe

 More Info

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