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Mobile Gaming Platform

The First Crypto-Centric Mobile Gaming Platform and Store For In-Game Purchases

Two Years and Well Over One Million Dollars Spent in Development

MobileGo and GAME: business models and comparisons

There has been some confusion around the difference and overlap between MobileGo and gamecredits. This article aims to clarify their respective use cases.

he gamecredits community has been working towards the same end for three years now, since the GAME blockchain was first launched (albeit under a different name). Cryptocurrency offers significant advantages for gamers, who often struggle to move money into, out of and between in-game economies due to the frictions and inefficiencies of the fiat banking system. These are well known to gamers and need no further explanation.

GAME’s growth from its early days speaks for itself. It has outperformed every other cryptocurrency over the long term. In large measure this is due to its modest beginnings and slow, sustainable rise in value. Thanks to recent upgrades in its wider ecosystem – particularly the wallet, which enables high user volumes and credit card purchases of the currency – it is now in a position to make a decisive impact in its chosen sector: the $100 billion gaming industry. All that is required are the users. The infrastructure is ready; now for the traffic.

The MobileGo token and crowdfund is designed to bring the new users to GAME that will drive the currency forwards, with the intention of multiplying its value many times over through increased demand. MGO will not be the currency used to purchase games and to trade items within game economies: gamecredits is and will remain the only currency used for that purpose.

MobileGo is a marketing project and fund that will enable GAME to reach millions of new users. MGO does not compete with GAME, but complements it by ensuring that gamecredits can function as intended – as a payment protocol suitable for mass adoption. It is like a turbocharger fitted to a car’s engine: it allows the car to function more efficiently and effectively, without representing a direct drain on the engine’s resources (as a supercharger would, for the discerning petrolhead reader). To use another analogy, it is like the Intel chips that power the iPhone: technology created by a separate company that exists to enable others to build powerful and popular consumer electronic devices.

For legal reasons and transparency, MobileGo Foundation is its own entity, but it exists in symbiosis with GameCredits and the gamecredits economy. Without MobileGo, the gamecredits coin would still exist, but it would struggle to achieve the degree of market penetration for which it has the potential, without the funding to push it forwards.

With MobileGo funding its expansion with millions of dollars of investment, gamecredits has a strong chance of breaking into the mainstream – increasing its value many, many times over, as well as rewarding MGO investors directly. Additionally, the ability to execute smart contracts will mean that MobileGo can be used in the course of gaming tournaments, though this is the subject of a different article.

Calculating Your MobileGo

In order to calculate amount of MGO tokens every investor should get we are using the following method:
1. Get BTC value in USD for the moment of investment. We are using coindesk – check it here . We were tracking the price on the per minute basis.
2. If the investment was not in BTC but in other currency – convert it to BTC using bittrex (since it’s the only exchange that has all the required pairs – for ETH, GAME, WAVES and ANS).
3. Now convert to USD using the information above.
4. Apply bonuses. F.e. if you invested 100 worth of BTC on week 1 – it will be 100*1.15=115 USD5. Now use MobileGo price (based on total amount invested) which is 1.8648 MobileGo per USD, so in the example above (100 dollars week 1) it will be 100*1.15*1.8648 = 214.452 MGO
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