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iDice Crowdsale

The Ethereum Dice Game

The World's First Mobile Blockchain Gambling App

The Popularity of iDice

Update! We have made a June Development Update!
The massive success of our beta release for desktop platforms has prompted many news websites to publish articles about us!
All bets are public, provably fair, and can be verified for authenticity on the blockchain here in real-time.
Here are a few major cryptocurrency news websites that have featured us.

Investor Protection

We have secured process using the Ethereum blockchain. All tokens sent are distributed via a smart contract automatically on the blockchain. This system works as an automated reliable escrow for token delivery between the investor and the smart contract by relying on the Ethereum blockchain. The smart contract is open source, verifiable, and completely fair. You can view the verified source code here. This token distribution system is similar how previous large projects have distributed their tokens like Golem and Melonport.
To protect further investors, we have created a maximum cap on the supply. 5 million iDice tokens is the maximum possible amount, and there will never be more tokens. When the total tokens reaches this amount, no more investments will be accepted. Even if the proposed maximum supply cap is not reached, there will never be any more tokens created following this crowdsale.

What you receive

By investing in iDice, you will receive iDice tokens at our specified exchange rate.
These iDice tokens entitle you to a percentage of all house profits.
These iDice tokens also can be exchanged back to Ethereum after the crowdsale via exchanges.
This means iDice tokens themselves will be tradeable for Ethereum even after the crowdsale.
Typically crowdsale tokens are worth significantly more once listed on exchanges due to more attention, so buying early is a good idea.

Crowdsale Start Date

The crowdsale begins on June 12 (UTC 00:19:00). In many parts of the world, it will be June 11th.
This is the final week of the crowdsale. No more tokens will be ever created after this week.

Exchange Rate

This week (June 19 2017, 00:19 GMT - June 27 2017, 00:00 GMT): 1 ETH = 130 Tokens The Ethereum ending block for the crowdsale is 3938936. It's currently estimated to occur around June 27th. Please note that the crowdsale may be plus or minus about a day for the end date, as Ethereum block times may vary 10-20%.

This is the final week investors have the opportunity to join the crowdsale.

Who's Investing?

Watch new investments to our crowdsale in real time by clicking here. As you can see, our iDice crowdsale is extremely popular.
Since we are fully transparent and open-source, every public transaction you see there represents a new investment.
iDice tokens are tradeable and will be listed on exchanges after the crowdsale. iDice tokens are limited. No more tokens will ever be created after the ICO.

Step-by-step Guide

In order to participate in our crowdsale, you'll need an account with one of our recommended Ethereum wallets below. It's best to start this process as early as possible. Don't use exchanges like Coinbase or any other services.
Our verified open-source smart contract will distribute your tokens automatically.

An alternative graphical guide to investing is available at this link. Make sure to set gas price to 60 GWei at the bottom of MyEtherWallet before sending!
  1. Create a wallet on MyEtherWallet.com. Suitable alternatives are Parity, Metamask and Mist. All of these are compatible, and MyEtherWallet and Parity are the easiest to setup.
  2. Make sure to backup all of your account information.
  3. Move Ethereum into your account you've just created. This account will be used to send and receive iDice tokens.
    If you don't have Ethereum, it can be purchased on an exchange like Coinbase. If you have other cryptocurrencies, they can be exchanged on Shapeshift.
    Be sure to move Ethereum to your newly created wallet before investing.
  4. We're currently listed on a select exchanges. Official exchange announcements are coming next week. 

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