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Crypviser is a disruptive The first encrypted network for social and business

CVCOIN distribution

Those who still have not set up their Crypviser Personal Accounts and have not filled yet Bitshares Account Name, please do it before July 11. We are planning to launch the second wave of sending CVCoins to Bitshares wallets that day.
If you have any issues with wrongly assigned tokens, uncertainties about the amounts of tokens and Bounty bonuses, we will be dealing with your inquiries after July 11. All the tokens will be transfered to Bitshares wallets as well. Please use disputes@crypviser.net for such cases.
Crypviser Final Report

Dear all, we have finished our calculations, answered on all your inquiries and we are ready to publish the numbers:
  • Total coins sold — 4,459,000 CVC
  • Coins reserved for Bounty campaigns — 133 770 CVC
  • Bonuses, gift certificates and other promo for participants — 601 112 CVC
  • Totally coins sold + promo — 5,193,882 CVC
  • Coins unsold (to be distributed among participants) — 4 806 118 CVC
The most secure solution!
The first encrypted unified cross-platform app on blockchain
The unbeatable security model of Crypviser is professionally designed to meet the highest standards of cryptography for securely storing and exchanging all kinds of data, including instant chats, voice and video calls, group calls (voice conferences) and more.
Crypviser simplifies and introduces a wide range of encrypted products for B2C and B2B markets, which up until now were only available to the biggest corporations, financial institutes, governments and secret services.
20 May 2017 - 30 June 2017

CVCoin ICO campaign (40 days)

Around 5 000 000 coins will be redeemed by us for the further distribution between team members, the bounty campaign and for contractors compensation.
10 000 000 CVCoins will be offered at the exclusive pre-ICO sales sessions.
Afterwards, the rest of the issued CVCoins will become publicly available during the official ICO 20 May – 30 June 2017.
You have the chance to purchase CVCoins now with attractive discounts alongside further amazing benefits.

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