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RedCab-the best transportation solution using blockchain technology

Abaout RedCab

RedCab LLC is a fast growing company with futuristic business models in the transportation space.

From the technical aspect to the business model, a dedicated research team spends a full year studying needs, assessing market gaps and exploring potentials with a focus on the driver's experience and driver's needs.
The first beta version of our Mobile App was aired in 2017 on both the App Store and Google Play, and the soft launch took place at a small tourist spot by the Red Sea for more hand operations and to test the car calling service, consuming most of our business models. We see great potential in the industry and growing demand in all metropolitan cities in the hope of future growth for the industry reaching $ 285 Billion by 2030.
The purpose of RedCab token sales is to transform our business model from centralized application into a decentralized ecosystem that enables access to global reach and reduce transport costs for users. Saving over $ 60 billion annually through intermediaries, raising funds to expand our infrastructure and address the growing international demand for transportation services worldwide through the development of powerful scalable tools.


Vision RedCab

RedCab LLC team have seen a clear opportunity in the Peer 2 Peer transportation industry for a unique business model to balance business goals and customer needs, supported by a powerful technical platform.

Blockchain technology is considered the backbone of our business model from providing secured transactions and fast contracting; it perfectly blends with our business model to deliver to the world a decentralized and community managed transportation solution ready to serve individuals and support businesses.
An existing company since 2016 with tangible on-ground operations. Bringing a globally innovative solution through the Blockchain to an existing market need with $230 Billion annual demand.

Features RedCab


We move people from Point A to Point B by cars and spent 1 year of research in the transportation industry to understand potentials and technologies.


Lowest fare for customers with high returns for drivers


Building one community from different markets and embracing diversity for a better world.


Developing a technical platform with a solid eye on the future. Introducing advanced technologies to the transportation industry to enhance customer experience and achieve better business results.  

ICO Details RedCab

Redcab is committed to a transparent token sale process.
We will notify the public with the final total amount of REDC tokens in circulation after the completion of the Token Sale because tokens are minted as contributors buy it. This is to maximize the value of tokens sold, scarce the supply, and create a value for token holders once we’re listed on major exchanges. RedCab will not create any new REDC tokens after the Token Sale. Max Tokens Supply Cap is 100,000,000

Token info

Token        = REDC
Platform   = Ethereum
Type         = ERC20
PreICO price     1 ETH = 2,682 REDC
Price in ICO     1 ETH = 2,33 REDC
Investment info
Min. investment              =  0.1 ETH
Accepting                        =  ETH
Distributed in ICO          =  62%
Hard cap                         =  24,529 ETH
15% in Presale


Redc Tokens

Roadmap RedCab

Info Team

  1. Mohamed Mousa Co-founder & CEO
  2. Walid ElGendy Co-founder & CBO
  3. Asser Yehia Co-founder & CTO
  4. Mohamed Ameen Co-founder & Creative Director
  5. Fadi Nashed Founder & COO
  6. Amr Chief Trading Officer | Co-founder at bitpeaks.com
  7. Anna Basters Community Manager
  8. Majed Morsi Media Content Creator


  1. Stefan Bergström Business Strategic Advisor
  2. Danny J. Christ ICO Advisor
  3. Daniil Morozov Advisor
  4. Salma ElHariry Founder & CEO
  5. Farooq A. Rahim Technical Advisor
  6. Alaa Gabr Advisor - IT Business Consulting

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INGOT is the latest innovation from wallet based on blockchain technology

Along with the development of blockhain technology over a period of time is growing rapidly and globally. There are so many projects that use Blockhain Technology to support their work to be better in the future. This time there is a new project with an amazing idea that wants to connect the world with Cryptocurrency. The name of this Project is IGOT 

what is IGOT
INGOT Coin is the first fully integrated blockchain-based Wallet with a Digital Bank, Brokerage, Exchange, Certifier, and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Accelerator; all rolled into a holistic ecosystem which rewards token holders and cryptocurrency market participants for using it and contributing to it, in addition to granting them the opportunity to invest in a wide- ranging list of cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, stocks, as well as other financial assets and instruments. INGOT coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency which provides benefits and discounts within the ecosystem itself. IC will be based on ERC20 technology.

Digital currency is a digitized money/asset that is computerized through the means of cryptography, but it can’t be touched or felt like the fiats currencies. but the good thing is that it has values just like the normal Fiat currencies, example of cryptocurrencies to name but a few are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, Dash, Ripples. Etc. Furthermore, since the rise of blockchain technology, the industrial sectors have experienced another shift into proper efficinecy within the scope of their working framework. And one of the cardinal things in the coordinate structure of blockchain technology is the Smart Contract/Derivatives. The utilization of smart contracts has driven most enterprises (Small and Big scale) to consider approaches to move forward their administrations, while a few businesses are as of now embracing the blockchain technology innovation. By using the smart contracts, companies are working towards limiting expenses and time. In the monetary business supposedly the financial sector, smart contracts installed in the framework prompts the advancement in confirmation, exchange and trade. Thus, bringing about a more secure and effective market for user’s. And despite this technological advancement, the financial sector is still witnessing some challenges which has undermine the working capability and full acceptance of Cryptocurrenies. Furthermore, to name but a few out of the challenges facing the Cryptocurrencies ecosystem are:
• Ineffective market structure
• High cost of transactions
• Lack of trust in the Cryptocurrency markets
• Difficulties in converting from Cryptocurrency into Fiat, and vice versa.
Thus, INGOT COIN has come with the blockchain technology platform in order to provide lasting solutions to this problems by the full decentralization and integration of local and traditional financial industries through the introduction and adoption of blockchain technology which gives the users complete access and controls over their finances.

INGOT Coin is birthed from the INGOT Group which has been in existence for as far back as the year 1993. INGOT Coin is an incorporated blockchain-based Wallet with a Digital Bank, Brokerage, Exchange, Certifier, and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Accelerator; all moved into an all encompassing environment which rewards token holders and cryptographic money advertising members for utilizing it and adding more value to it. INGOT Coin will be making use of the Ethereum smart contract blockchain technology to help speed up the execution rate of different contracts and transactions which will take away the issues of third-party and different kinds of interferences that restrict investors in having full control in transacting on exchanges, and the most interesting part of Ingot coin is that the platform is a decentralized cryptographic asset which gives rewards and inside its ecosystem. INGOT Coin has developed full integrated Wallet that consist of a Digital Bank, Exchange, Brokerage, Certifier and ICO Accelerator which are integrated into a singular ecosystem.

The INGOT COIN ecosystem is built on the Ethereum blockchain technology which will create efficiency and linking of newly developed cryptocurrency market with the current existing financial market with aim of providing a secure ecosystem that will enable users to perform and execute trades successfully according to their financial needs. The six main features of the ecosystem are explained below.
IC EXCHANGE: INGOT Coin has developed its IC Exchange will safely be incorporated with the IC Wallet, IC Brokerage and IC Digital Bank which will be user friendly and easy to use. The exchange will list major coins and recently issued ICOs to give an entire expanded coin range for showcase members.
IC WALLET: INGOT platform has developed an IC Wallet which is a blockchain based cryptocurrency wallet that will be used by user’s to send, receive and store cryptocurrencies available in the market. Also, it contains cold storage and multi signature system which makes the wallet more secured.
IC BROKERAGE: INGOT coin platform has developed an IC brokerage which is integrated with the IC wallet and IC exchange to give an investor a wide range of assets, fiat currencies and commodities to trade within a time of uncertainty. The availability of options give users the ability to diversify their portfolio. The Brokerage will permit moment exchanging on cryptocurrency/stock like BTC/APPL, BTC/Gold….etc.
IC DIGITAL BANK: The IC Digital Bank will be providing 24/7 automated payment process. It will also help on daily online services such as e-payment, current and savings account. The Digital bank will also serve as a fund management for all stakeholders interested.
IC CRYPTOCURRENCY CERTIFIER: This is a unique feature from INGOT coin which will be an opportunity to create awareness and educate individuals interested about blockchain technology and customers about the current trends. Different courses will be taught and certificate will awarded to the successful graduates who enrolled for the courses.


Pre-ICO is now over, we successfully raised 40,000,000 USD from 6273 true visionaries 

Stoxum - The best solution for cryptocurrency market

Within a few years the development of blockhain technology from time to time is faster and worldwide. There are so many projects that use Blockhain Technology to support projects for a better future. This time there is another new project with an amazing idea that wants to connect the world with Cryptocurrency. and easy to connect everyone in trading. The name of this project is Stoxum.

This project might be very helpful in your business.
ok maybe you have started to be curious about this big Stoxum project.


What is Stoxum

Stoxum is a unique business solution with the help of which companies will be able to launch their own decentralized exchange of cryptocurrencies in a few clicks. The ecosystem consists of the main highly efficient and secure hybrid crypto exchange and Whitelabel solutions, which are united by a single pool of orders to ensure the liquidity of all sites. STM based on Ripple, using unique ATCP technology.

How ATCP works?

Every 10 minutes, trading mechanisms buy up STM tokens at an inflated price for an amount equal to 100% of the Exchange's revenue in the last 10 minutes.

All holders of the STM token are entitled to receive dividends of 100% of the income of the entire Stoxum ecosystem. During the ICO between investors will be distributed 100% of the emission (200 million tokens).

The problem

In the current situation, we find out 2 problems: the complexity of the technical implementation of financial products for working with crypto currency and liquidity within a single exchange.
At the moment CoinmarketCap has placed more than 10k trading platforms - 95% of them have low liquidity, and therefore can not provide high-quality service for their users. In such a competitive and evolving environment, where resources have a similar trading interface and offer the same trading tools - it is difficult to conquer the market.
Nevertheless, usually the trading volume on the platform is directly proportional to the number of registered and active users, which leads us to the idea that knowing the price of attracting one user we can build a business model with high accuracy. That, in consequence, leads us to the idea that in order to seize the market - we simply need money to attract users.
But often the situation is that you either have a technical team to implement the project and there is no money to grow it, or you have money, but there is no technical knowledge.

How do we solve this?

Dividends as a method of social marketing

The amount of dividends = 100% of the total income of the platform.
For example, if a user has 1% STM tokens, and the platform earns $ 100 in 10 minutes, you will receive 1% of that revenue every 10 minutes.
Before sending dividends, the system aggregates revenues in different currencies and purchases the tokens sold on the platform to be sent as dividends. Such a mechanism promotes the growth of the token itself, and also allows you to keep tokens on your personal purses and not become attached to one exchange.

Whitelabel and ecosystem

With the help of Whitelabel solutions, any company or entrepreneur will be able to launch their own crypto exchange, without having the technical knowledge - just a few clicks. This solves the problem of the long development and hiring of a large staff of programmers.
Out of the box, this platform receives not only the full functionality of the original Stoxum, but also the ability to customize the interface, add / change functionality, and the possibility of legalization using the built-in AML / KYC functionality.

Benefits dividend system

Dividends will be 100% of the profits of the exchange and all products that are in the platform ecosystem. This means that each holder of the token gets the right to receive income in the form of dividends, which will be proportional to the amount of ownership, relative to the current emission.

Dividends come in the form of a STOXUM token in a wallet almost in real time (once every ten minutes). Before sending dividends, the system aggregates revenues in different currencies and purchases the tokens sold on the platform to be sent as dividends. Such a mechanism promotes the growth of the token itself, and also allows you to keep tokens on your personal wallet and not become attached to one exchange.
STOXUM token holders receive dividends on 100% of the platform revenue depending on how many tokens they have
All platform revenues are used for dividends:
  1.     Transaction fees
  2.     Paid voting to add new coins
  3.     Payment to launch the White Label solution
  4.     Paid services and premium accounts

Hybrid system

Info Token

  1. Token Nama =STM
  2. 1 STM = 0.00002 BTC
  3. Accept = BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH и XRP
  4. Total emission: 200,000,000 STOXUM
  5. Softcap = $2 000 000
  6. Hardcap = $30 000 000


Why invest in Stoxum profitable?

We believe that a system in which each holder of a token is not only interested in earning revenue from dividends or increasing the value of a token but actually has the ability to independently influence the value of a coin is win-win.
In addition, I would like to emphasize that the success of even a single Whitelabel platform will increase the income of the entire ecosystem.


Info Team

More Info

Website: https://stoxum.org/en/?utm_source=bitcointalk_en
Whitepaper: https://stoxum.org/whitepaper/stoxum-en.pdf
Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3318743.0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/stoxum
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stoxum

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Monvid-The first decentralized Streaming video platform

Along with the development of technology blockhain from time to time more rapidly and worldwide. There are so many projects that use Blockhain Technology to support their work better for the future. This time there is a new project with an incredible idea that wants to connect the world with Cryptocurrency. The name of this Project is Monvid a new breakthrough with the concept in the field of streaming video platform using blockchain technology.

For more details let me explain more details about this Monvid project

What is Monvid

The monvid platform is a decentralized community network that uses blockchain technology for cut-pass, filter and sensor restrictions to provide streaming video streaming platforms that are easy to use and ad-free. Founders want to give people a favorite viewing experience without any restrictions.

Monvid Benefits

Video streaming platform.
In one word, we'd say because it's Decentralized. But if you would like to know more, we urge you to take some time on our website and find out how it works! monvid offers both "P2P Video Streaming" and "Proxied Video Streaming". Scroll down to find out about the plan and see how it's going to solve today's streaming problems and what we have to offer.

Decentralized P2P

Video Streaming
Normally when you are watching a video online, a server of that website or company is sending you the content but in a p2p streaming concept the video and content is stored on more than a server and who is the nearest will serve you (CDN). The reason we believe in decentralized P2P streaming is the transparency, flexibility, and privacy.

Decentralized Proxied

Video Streaming
Basically, it's usefull if you want to see what's restricted to you by the government or the website itself. For example, you need want unlimited access to Netflix, if you use VPN services. but the new way and idea of monvid is "proxy streaming" which means a computer in the city without restriction is getting the video from Netflix and stream it for you with high speed and without any limitation.

The advantages of the Monvid project


Dapps are more flexible, transparent, distributed, resilient, and have a better-incentivized structure than current software models.

Cost Efficiency

There is no subscription for visitors here. If you need to watch premium and proxied streaming you only need to pay as much as you pay for the streamer for their storage and network traffic.

Censorship and Unblocking

Our proxy stream service means you can access any video on the Internet even if it's blocked in your country (e.g. Netflix, Hulu, etc). Also, it's very hard to censor or monitor our streaming traffic and it would be a good reason to trust in monvid.

Unlimited Distributed Nodes

Anyone can participate in streaming videos to our visitors and get paid, so virtually we have an unlimited amount of streaming servers around the world which significantly improve the streaming smoothness, quality, and speed.    

Token Sale – Main ICO

Bonus Tokens

Token and Fund distribution

  1. Marketing: 35%
  2. Marketing Software Developments: 30%
  3. Hardware & Assest & Infrastructure: 15%
  4. Legal Expenses: 10%
  5. Administrative Expenses: 5%
  6. Sales & Partnershios: 5%


 Info Team

More Info

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Typerium - Decentralized Content Creation Platform

What is Typerium?
Typerium is ability to create, share, and connect, are fundamental to the human experience.
Type and image create a global language that we can all understand, regardless of
our background, culture, or the language we speak.

Benefits of Typerium

Typerium is needed to protect the intellectual property of content creators, to facilitate a cost-effective and global creative currency, and to create a thriving decentralised marketplace for buying and selling digital content.
Trust and Transparency

Building trust in online commerce is hard. Creative content makers cannot reach their audiences easily and the big marketplaces don’t make information available to makers and buyers. Typerium brings them transparency and makes it more efficient and rewarding for makers and buyers to connect.

The creative content application
market is underdeveloped

Apps that connect creative content and users are one of the fastest-growing markets. Yet, no easy way exists to link creators with users. Type Protocol is the app that finally brings them together. With the app, creators can make high-end content that can be used on any platform, linking makers to users and everyone to rewards. 

Traditional contracts and licensing
are slow and expensive

Typerium embraces Ethereum's smart contract technology to automate all of the complex processes that take legalyers, high fees and large amounts of time to get done. Licensing and usage rights are built into Typerium's process. The app makes it easier to track intellectual property and piracy.

Normal payment processing is complex,
expensive and slow

Typerium leverages blockchain technology, which can make payments much like traditional PayPal and credit cards. Big marketplaces create additional costs, but the Typerium environment removes the big-marketplace overheads from transactions.

Inability to capitalize on the
growing blockchain economy

Typerium provides a pathway for creative content makers and users of creative content to capitalize on the blockchain economy. It is a marriage of creativity and commerce in Typerium environment.

Typerium Decentralized Application Features

The Typerium platform will run on one decentralized application.
Here are some of the key features:

   The Eco-System

All content on the Typerium eco-system is bought and sold with TYPE Tokens.
These tokens use blockchain and smart contract technology to help facilitate transactions
on the Typerium platform. They can be converted to a fiat currency at any time by sending them to an exchange.

Typerium Decentralized Application Features

The Typerium platform will run on one decentralized application.
Here are some of the key features:

ype + Image = Language

Our decentralized design software will help content creators generate content for over 2.4 billion global content consumers.

Interactive Design Software

Create high quality visual content without the need for any previous design experience. Create, share, publish, and sell visual content.

Multiple Outputs

Every size for every platform. We're empowering you to show the world what you're made of. Publish content to any platform with a single click.

Browse the Marketplace

Browse the Typerium marketplace to find the content you are looking for. There are countless options and there is no centralized control.

Buy & Sell Content

Sell your original content or buy content from others. Both are extremely easy to do on the Typerium platform. Create, earn and inspire.

Protect Your Content

We're using blockchain technology to protect your intellectual property. Typerium keeps your content safe from intellectual property thieves.

Share Instantly

With Typerium, you can instantly share, publish and download your content. It's literally as simple as pushing a button.

Interact with Others

Message, like, follow and talk to people from all over the world. We're building a community that inspires and uplifts both creators and consumers.

Motivate & Inspire

We're giving you the tools to work alongside the community and create content that will inspire, motivate and add value to people's lives.

Send & Receive Tokens

Send and receive TYPE Tokens. Our mobile, desktop, and app wallets will allow you to send your tokens to an exchange and trade them for cash.

High Security

Security is a top priority at Typerium. Our wallets and our decentralized applications will be developed at the highest level of security.

Your Own Wallet

We’ll make sure that you’re the only one who has access to your wallet with your private key, which allows you to make secure transactions with your TYPE Tokens.


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ARAW is The Decentralised Payment for E-Commerce Ecosystem

 Along with the advancement of the times with various technologies to facilitate you
to transact and buy goods easily safe and comfortable

Do you often transact online?
We all want to transact in the online world with ease, quickly and safely.
Worry sometimes arise because of fear in the transaction happened a mistake (long transaction in the process) or fraud that causes us big loss for having spent money and besides we do not get the goods we want when the goods we need. Regardless of the disruption and technological advances in blockchain, an area that remains largely untapped is digital payments between buyers and sellers of physical services. This is a bigger contest of industrial employee candidates, with more APIs and inheritance agreements with traditional financial institutions, banks and credit cards. Despite the benefits of crypto payments (ultra low cost, low speed and low entry barrier), buyers enjoy and have come to expect a strong consumer protection system that protects their purchases and  provides refunds. Sellers on the other hand would love to earn more income but be wary of volatility issues by accepting crypto in crucial. To provide comfort and  security in the transaction then comes ARAW.  ARAW will be able to answer all those problems let's take a closer look at this ARAW project

What is araw

ARAW is The Decentralised Payment for E-Commerce Ecosystem

Mision of ARAW

We are on a mission to provide end-to-end solutions for E-Commerce Marketplace, Touch & Pay Cryptocurrency Card, Online Cryptocurrency Payment, and Unified Reward System powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.

App Araw

ARAW makes it easy for everyone to transact and now araw proudly launches ARAW Application that can provide convenience to all oarang in onlen shopping transactions using the application in your android

Araw Mobile Wallet 

The seamless integration of Araw Mobile Wallet with Banking and cryptocurrency Exchanges

How to work ARAW

Our customers will provide ARAW-Compliant Cards with ARAW token and mobile wallet to enable convenient micropayments. Customers will do this, as they get access to liquid cryptocurrency from loyalty points. Similarly, customers may also purchase ARAW tokens through ARAW cellular wallets or cryptocurrency interchange. It is important to note, that the ARAW token values ​​are ensured by an open exchange of cryptocurrency. This token can be executed for other currencies. Similarly to emphasize that tokens are accessible to anyone using the ARAW token platform. Through e-commerce systems, customers will be more involved with business loyalty programs and can be more profitable for their consumption. The ARAW Token will be used as a medium of exchange in the reward system, and may be used to make purchases. When a customer redeems any available prizes, the ARAW token then moves to the merchant. We partner with businesses and sellers in the UK, US, and other countries to support omnichannel customer loyalty goals. When customers get ARAW marks, they can use programs that are traditional customer loyalty. Customers can use points obtained from the system. You can make and earn rewards in some industries without restrictions. Giving those two-way options buy and sell items online using money and money for crypto. The ARAW token platform employs the benefits of blockchain technology to provide unique and unparalleled value to all our platform users including individual merchants or corporate platforms and can be used to access products for customers Their choice with better deals Given the cost required by the Internet are increasingly driven by blockchain technology. The contract digital escrow feature of the Ethereum-based token also makes flexible and secure transactions possible. This market is very profitable for many users who want to buy because of it. So how will you compete in the arena where there is now no crypto payment system adopted in the world of e-commerce. You really face a real challenge here.
Araw Card allows you to make transactions

Araw - Touch & Pay card aims to enable customers to make micropayments at coffee shops, supermarkets and day-to-day online shopping.

Token Sale: 1 JULY – 30 AUG

Ticker ARAW
Token type ERC20
ICO token price 1 ARAW = $0.01
Total tokens 5,000,000,000
Available for token sale 3,500,000,000 (70%)
Whitelist YES (15 MAY – 30 JUNE )
Know Your Customer (KYC) YES
Pre-sale start date 1 JULY
Public sale start date TBA
Soft cap 2,000,000 USD
Hard cap 25,000,000 USD
Accepts ETH
Contact us for pre-sale tokensale@arawtoken.io

                                   JOIN  ICO NOW


Krutesh Shah  - Co-Founder & Chief Operations
Carlo Pascoli  - Co-Founder & Chief Platform Architecture
Dev Shah  - Chief Business Development
Manan Jobanputra  - Lead Blockchain Developer
Valeriy Dyryavyy  - Lead Mobile Platform Developer
Maskim Boyko  - Infrastructure Engineer
Tim Penasihat
Jane Thomason  - Advisory Board Member
John Wellman  - Bleep Plc, Group CEO
Paresh Masani  - Platform Vision & Strategy
Nicolo Stewen  - CEO of Cryptoanalyst.co